Unable to Access Web Version of SureLC

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The web version of SureLC utilizes Adobe Flash Player to run. If Flash is not installed or if there is an issue with the Flash web plugin, then SureLC will not run and you will most likely see the following:


Please ensure that Flash is properly installed by going to: https://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/

If you have Flash installed, please review the following to troubleshoot for the different web browsers you may be using. This is to ensure that the Flash web plugin is working correctly.



Internet Explorer - Internet Explorer is known to have issues integrating with Flash based programs.  The simple fix for IE users is to try a different web browser to access SureLC, like Google Chrome or Firefox.  If you do not wish to use a different web browser, then please click on the gear icon in the top right corner, and choose "Manage add-Ons"


In the new window, please locate "Shockwave Flash Object" and you will need to ensure that the Status is set to "Enabled".  If the Status is "Disabled", then you will need to click on "Enable" in the bottom right corner.


Now the status should be "Enabled", and the bottom right corner should say "Disable"


If the settings are set correctly, then your IE is most likely having an issue with Flash, and will need Flash to be Uninstalled and then Re-Installed.



Google Chrome - Chrome no longer directly supports Flash, however still has Flash integrated into it's program.  Because of this, the Flash plugin is most likely set to "Ask" or "Blocked". Please ensure that Flash is set to "Allow" in your settings.  The quickest way to do this is to click on "Secure" in the address bar, and change Flash to "Allow".


If you do no see the Flash option, simply click on "Site settings". This will open a New Tab for your site's settings.  Using the permissions list you can set Flash to be allowed using the drop down list by changing Block to Allow. 


Once you Allow Flash, navigate back to SureLC's tab, and you will have the option to Reload the page.


Firefox - Please ensure that Flash is not being blocked.  The quickest way to do this is to click on the block icon in the address bar, and choose to allow Flash to run.


If you do not see this option, please follow this guide to Enable Flash in FireFox:

1. Open Firefox and click the Tools option on the top-right of the screen (looks like three horizontal lines).


2. In the drop-down, click the option called Add-ons.


3. Of the options on the left side of the screen, choose Plugins. It looks like a blue box.


4. Scroll down the list of Plugins until you find Shockwave Flash (this is another name for Flash Player).


5. The enable Flash, click the drop-down box on the Shockwave Flash plugin and choose Always Activate.


6. Close your browser, and then try the link again.


Safari - Starting with Safari version 14.0, released in mid-September 2020, Adobe Flash is no longer supported in Safari on macOS.

If you are using an older version of Safari, and Flash is installed, SureLC should start right up.  However if it does not, please uninstall/re-install Flash.  When you visit SureLC after re-installing you should receive a gray screen with the following message.


When you click on "Click to use Flash", you should receive the following pop up.  Choose "Use Every Time", and SureLC should run without issues.




If this guide does not resolve your issue, please contact SuranceBay via email at support@surancebay.com.

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