Release Date: June 8, 2018 (App Version TBD)

Ed Gambone -

SureLC Release Notes - App Version TBD


Bug Fixes

Disappearing Carrier Names

  • Previously, when a contracting request was created for a producer with a certain carrier and then changes were made in SureLC which resulted in that carrier no longer being available to that producer, SureLC would remove the carrier from the request the next time it was opened, resulting in a blank carrier name and the request being disabled.

    With this fix, when opening the request in the affected situations SureLC will instead show a message that the carrier is no longer available for that producer but will NOT remove the carrier from the request. This will allow the agency to either fix the issues causing the carrier to no longer be available, or Discard the request.


    Here are a few examples of situations that will cause this message to appear when opening an existing appointment request:
    • The producer was reassigned to a different affiliation which does not have the carrier enabled.
    • The carrier was disabled for the producer’s affiliation (in Agency L&C Setup > Carriers > Set Affiliations) after the request for that carrier was created.
    • A producer’s NY license expires after the request is created for a NY-only carrier. 

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