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Does your agency have a particular carrier contract that MUST be completed BEFORE any other insurance carrier contracts are requested?

The Primary Carrier feature restricts the full carrier list for a Producer until they've satisfied and completed a review of the designated Primary Carrier.

PLEASE NOTE: If your agency has custom forms that your producers need to be filled out and signed by your producers BEFORE allowing them to submit any other carrier contracts SuranceBay can help. Your agency can be added as the Primary Carrier to set this up. To find out if we can accommodate your request, please send an email to with your request. Please explain what forms will need to be added to the system and if there are any other requirements and our support team will get back to you. 


How to Setup this Feature: 

  • Login to
  • Go to the Carriers page in the navigation menu. 
  • Click on the carrier you would like designated as the Primary Carrier.
  • Select the Primary Carrier button/slider (make sure it's to the right). For this example, Banner Life will be set up as the primary carrier. 

Primary Carrier Enable.png

  •  A star icon  7-18-2018_11-08-27_AM.png  will be designated next to the selected "Primary Carrier" in your full carrier list.


Once the "Primary Carrier" is designated, producers that haven't already satisfied and completed the "Primary Carrier" contract request will be prompted with a message upon requesting a new contract that states the following:



The Primary Carrier will be selected by default at this point and the producer MUST complete this contract request before they will be able to submit any other new carrier contracts. 


On the carrier & request type step, producers MUST select "Contract" and then click next to move on to the next step.

From there, they will have to complete ALL the steps of the contracting process for the primary carrier. The carrier forms will be filled out and produced at the end, where the producer will have to review the filled-out forms and apply their signature to the contracting paperwork to complete the contract submission. 

Once the Producer completes the Review process for the designated "Primary Carrier", the full list of carriers will open up.  They'll now be able to complete any other carrier requests needed.


How to REMOVE this feature:

  • Go to the Carriers page in the navigation menu. 
  • Select the Carrier Tab.
  • Click on the carrier you would like removed as the Primary Carrier.
  • Disable the Primary Carrier slider by moving it to the left. 

Primary Carrier Disable.png



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