Carrier Alias - Change Carrier Naming Convention

Chris Toth -

Does your agency market any Insurance Carriers under a different name than what is displayed in SureLC?  If this is the case, you can change the name to an ALIAS.

The "Carrier Alias" feature allows you to change the carrier name label in your SureLC account so your producers see the name they recognize from your agency's marketing efforts.


To Add a Carrier Alias:

  • Go to your Carriers page in the navigatin menu. 
  • Select the carrier you would like to change the naming convention for from the Selected Carrier list.


  • Once the carrier setup page is opened enter the preferred carrier name in the "Carrier Alias" field.


  • Changes are saved automatically. 


Once the Alias name is in place, the alias will be shown under the carrier name on the selected carrier list. 


Additionally, producers will see the Alias name in the carrier list, as well as in any emailed Request/Reviews.




PLEASE NOTE:  The Alias name assigned will also show up in your admin view. This includes the producer contracting requests page, and the work inbox. However, the carrier alias will not show up within any Reports.  These will still reflect the carrier name as registered with the NAIC.  




To REMOVE an Alias name:

  • Go to your Carriers page.
  • Select the carrier you would like to change the naming convention.
  • Remove the Alias name entirely and the original carrier name will be restored.







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