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For SureLC to allow Agency Workers to work and edit forms while processing, SureLC needs a accessible location to save it's PDF forms and data files.  Because of this we have a few options within your Agency L&C Setup for you to choose from.

Under FILLED FORMS LOCATION you will find the option to create a Storage Options:



Within the Storage Options you will have 3 options to choose from: 


Local Disk Only:

This option is the default selection if nothing is chosen for the Storage Options.  If it is set to Local Disk Only, this means that when an Agency Worker runs an appointment, the forms will save on that user's machine. For example, if John Smith ran a North American appointment for Producer A, the form will save at the following location on that user's machine:

C:\Users\John Smith\AppData\Roaming\bgaDesktop\Local Store\Producer_A\NorthAmericanCoForLifeAndHealthIns\(date of appointment)

*Important* If you would like to access these appointment forms from the Get It section of the producer's appointment requests, you must be on that user's machine


Network Drive:

A Network Drive is a storage device on a local access network (LAN) within your business. The Network Drive is usually located on a server or a network-attached storage (NAS) device. For example within your Hard Disk Drives you should see another drive letter besides (C:), like (F:), (H:), (I:)

This option requires you to have write access to the network drive.  This means that all Agency Workers in your agency must have permissions to access this location, and be able to Edit/Delete/Add files to the location that is set up.

*Important*  Please ensure that the file location is not too deep within the network drive.  For example do not have multiple folders to reach the save location: ex. H:/Agency/Appointments/Work/Forms/SureLC/SureLC Forms/SaveLocation
Having it too deep in the network drive could cause saving issues, which could lead to issues while trying to process paperwork within SureLC.  Please have a simple save location to avoid this issue: ex. H:/Agency/SureLC is a cloud content management and file sharing service for businesses.

To use this option you must already have an account.  To get this option setup, please email our Support Team at  as they will be able to assist in getting this option setup for your agency.



For any questions please contact SuranceBay via email at

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