How Do I Update an E&O Policy on a Producer's Profile?

Chelsie Gaspard -

As E&O policies are renewed each year, Producers will need to update their policy details and upload a current declaration page.

Quite often, it's just the policy period dates and the uploaded form that require adjustments.  But for tracking purposes in SureLC, we require a complete NEW policy entry on the profile.


This forum covers the following topics:




To ADD an E&O policy record:

  • Go to the Producer's profile
  • Select the E&O tab
  • Click the "Add Existing Policy" button


  • Locate where the file is saved on your computer and click Open


  • Enter all required* policy details:


  • Click Save & Exit once all required* fields are completed.
  • A NEW Policy record will be added and all expired policies will be removed from view automatically:




To MODIFY E&O Policy details:

The policy can be modified up to 30 days after the creation of the record.  This allows a short window to make any manual corrections.

  • Go to the Producer's profile
  • Select the E&O tab
  • Click the Action_Menu_More_Options.png Actions menu, and then EDIT

Note: The "EDIT" icon is disabled 30 days after the record creation date.  

  • Make the necessary changes, then click Save & Exit




To ARCHIVE an E&O Policy:

Deleting an E&O policy is not allowed. SureLC maintains the old records for historical purposes. 

PLEASE NOTE:  Expired policy records are automatically archived after 30 days and removed from view automatically once a current policy is added. 

  • Go to the Producer's Profile
  • Select the E&O Tab
  • Click the Archive button on the policy you wish to archive


  • Confirm YES to Archive



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