Crop Signature

Chris Toth -

Occasionally, a signature image is not centered, or appears really small.  To correct the issue, simply re-crop the signature from the Signature Authorization page uploaded on your Producer's profile.


  • Go to Info & Appointments page.
  • Search and select the Producer to open their profile.
  • Go to the SCAN Tab.
  • Locate and click on the "Signature" record. (Not to be confused with the "Signature Image".  Cropping can only be completed on the original full SureLC disclosure page uploaded.



  • Select the  "Crop Signature" button



  • Drag RED highlighted crop box over top of the signature.
  • Adjust the 4 corners of the RED crop box in & out, so the box hugs closely around the signature.




  • Avoid the outer BLACK box your Producer signed inside.
  • Avoid cutting off any part of your Producer's signature.
  • When set, select the CROP button.




  • Select the back arrow button to navigate back to the main SCAN Tab page.
  • Hover your courser over the record marked "Signature Image" to view results.




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