How to Add/Change Payment Information

Jim Friend -

How do I change the credit card on file, or add a new payment method to our SureLC account?

For ease of use you can maintain your billing information right from your SureLC account.  You can add credit card or bank account information on the Billing page within your SureLC agency account. This forum explains how to: 



How to Add New Payment Method:

  • Login to as an agency Admin. 
  • Select the Billing page in the navigation menu to the left under Settings. 


  • On the General Info tab, in the auto-replenishment section select Update Payment Method. 


  • Select the ADD PAYMENT METHOD button. 


  • On the Card management page choose the type of account to add Credit Card or Bank Account.
  • Enter required account info in the fields with a *. Be sure to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page to make sure ALL of the required fields have been filled in.   
  • Select SAVE to add the new payment option.  

Card Management.png

  • Once saved, SureLC will display  the new payment option. Select the Apply button to choose the payment method. 


  • You'll now be returned to the general info page where the updated payment information will be shown.  


Please Note: The selected replenishment amount will be charged to your payment method once your transaction bank reaches or goes below $0. Use the replenishment amount menu to view or change the replenishment amount. 




How to Edit/Remove Existing Payment Method:

  • Login to
  • Go to the Billing page.
  • Next to Auto-Replenishment Payment Method, select the "Update Payment Methodbutton.


  • Select the pencil icon to Edit the payment information. Please note when there is only one  payment option the info cannot be removed until an additional payment option is added.   


  • Enter the updated payment information.   
  • Select the "SAVE" button to finish.

Card Management.png

  • Once saved, SureLC displays the previous payment method and new payment method which is selected by default. From here you can also remove the old payment option using the Trashcan icon. Select Apply to update the payment method. 


  • You'll now be returned to the first screen with the updated payment information. 




How to Update the Payment Method for a Subscription Plan 

If your agency is on a subsciption plan, you can review and update your payment method from the billing page. To update your payment info do the following: 

  • Login to
  • Select the Billing page in Settings section of the navigation menu. 
  • In the subscription section select the Update Payment Method button. 

Subscription plan 1.png

Next, select Add Payment Method to add a new payment type. 

Subscription 2.png

Enter the new desired payment information. Once all of the required information has been added, select Save. 

Card Management.png

Make sure your desired payment option is selected and then apply the changes. 

Subscription 3.png



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