Release Date: June 8, 2019 (App Version 3.147.488)

Ed Gambone -

SureLC Release Notes - App Version 3.147.488

New Features

    • When sending a review request to a producer, an option has been added to type in a specific email address that will be notified when the producer completes the review.

    • Agencies can now add a subscription to NIPR's PDB Alerts 2.0 service, enabling real-time syncing of all licenses and appointment statuses in NIPR's PDB database for all subscribed producers. Please contact SuranceBay's support team for more information.

    • Security alerts will be emailed to the producer when their Login ID, Password, or Bank Information is updated.

    • A new version of the "Info & Appointments" screen is now available as an early access feature. This new "Producers" screen includes more information and functionality in one screen. Contact SuranceBay's support team if you would like this new screen enabled so that you can provide valuable feedback.

    • On the Hierarchy step of a contract request, when the Strict checkbox is selected, the Name field in the hierarchy will show a drop down list with additional detail compared to the previous version that only showed names.

Bug Fixes

    • Fixed a problem that resulted in agencies getting an extraneous e-mail after a producer completed their signature confirmation on an appointment request for certain carriers.
    • Restored the ability to download non-watermarked copies of the merged.pdf file from the Get It column within a producer's appointment request list for integrated carriers.
    • The DBA tab in the Agency L&C Setup screen now includes validation that the information entered is correctly formatted.
    • Corrected password recovery screen so that all text fits in the viewable section.
    • Added "Not Affiliated" option, when the Requires Affiliation setting is Off, during the new producer set up in the affiliation selection step.
    • Fixed Set States so that it is always applied correctly during a contract request.
    • Solicitor selection pop up now closes when exiting the DBA tab.
    • Adjusted Scan Tab behavior when a new form type is uploaded so that it is shown in the documents list correctly once the form type is recognized.
    • Fixed Scan Tab document filter bug when ALL is selected.
    • Bug where a missing information warning navigated to the wrong page when selected has been corrected.
    • Changed Work Inbox so that status updates to a contract request are shown immediately without exiting and going back in to the Work Inbox.
    • Fixed Work Inbox date filtering.
    • When pinning a screen in the Work Inbox, the selected affiliation is now remembered as part of the pinned screen.
    • Various other bug fixes.


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