How To: Request PDB Alerts 2.0 Subscription in SureLC

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PDB Alerts 2.0, Now Available in SureLC

The PDB Alerts 2.0 subscription enables SureLC to notify you of changes that happen in the PDB report for an active Producer or Firm on a daily basis.  This helps reduce out-of-date information that can result from the weekly updates currently provided through NIPR's legacy reporting method.

Increase your daily PDB accuracy and further reduce your NIGO submission percentage by subscribing today!


How To Activate The PDB Alerts 2.0 Subscription

From SureLC's Home screen, select the Agency L&C Setup button, and then navigate to the Billing tab.  There is a NIPR Alerts 2.0 button in the upper left area of this screen.  As shown in the image below, select this button and then press the Request Subscription button. This notifies our support team, who will be in contact with you to complete the subscription set up.




What is the cost for the PDB Alerts 2.0 subscription in SureLC?
1. $1.25 for initial reload of the PDB report for each subscribed producer.
2. $0.15 per month, per subscribed producer, for daily updates.

When this feature is enabled by SuranceBay's support team, does my agency have any options?
Yes, our support team will give you two options to choose from!
1. Choose to have all of your active (non-archived) producers subscribed at once.
2. Have the feature enabled, but you manually subscribe each producer that you choose to.  This is done via an action available on the Producers screen.

What is the fee when an agent is originally set up and their PDB report is pulled in to SureLC?
If you use the PDB Alerts 2.0 feature, your legacy PDB fee is replaced by the $1.25 fee.

If my agency remains on the legacy NIPR plan, will we continue to receive updated PDB information?
Absolutely!  Your current set up and cost remains unchanged if you do not switch to PDB Alerts 2.0.  That includes the current weekly updates instead of daily.


If you have any questions, please contact us via and we will respond as soon as possible.

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