NIPR PDB Alerts in SureLC

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NIPR PDB Alerts, Available in SureLC

The NIPR PDB Alerts subscription enables SureLC to notify your agency of changes to the PDB report for an active Producer or Firm on a DAILY basis.  These daily updates include the following items:

  • Demographic Info (addresses, phones, emails)
  • Licenses
  • State Appointments
  • Regulatory Actions (currently not displayed within SureLC)

This is in contrast to the legacy NIPR plan (no longer available) that only included weekly updates of producer licenses.


Demographic Updates in SureLC

A producer can have different contact information reported to each state where they hold a license.  If the producer changes his contact info in any of these states, the state DOI sends that change to NIPR and these updates are passed to SureLC via the NIPR PDB Alerts subscription.

Since each state can have different info, and to avoid conflicting updates to the producer's profile, these updates are NOT automatically applied to SureLC.  If there is an available Alerts update, a button will appear beside the appropriate field on the producer's profile. Clicking that button will open a window that shows the available updates, as shown here:


Your agency then has the option of selecting an update and clicking "Update SureLC" to apply that change to the producer's profile.



What is the cost for the NIPR PDB Alerts subscription in SureLC?

1. $1.25 for initial load/reload of the PDB report for each subscribed producer.
2. $0.23 per month, per subscribed producer.


How are producers subscribed to NIPR PDB Alerts?

All new producers are automatically subscribed to NIPR Alerts when they are added to your agency account.

If your agency had a SureLC account before the NIPR Alerts feature was enabled, then any existing producers will be added to your subscription as follows:

1. Automatically when your agency creates a contracting request for an existing producer.
2. Automatically when a Can-Sell check is done for the producer.
3. Manually, when you select the "Update from NIPR" action in the Producers list.


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