How to Login to SureLC

Ed Gambone -

Where is the SureLC login?

In order to register or login to SureLC, you must use a specific login link for your IMO/agency. This is typically made available either on their web site or sent directly by email. This link will look similar to this link (  The # at the end of the link should be a specific number that belongs to your IMO/agency, and should be provided to you by them. 

If you do not have the link or you do not know the IMO/agency number to put in the link above, please contact the IMO/agency that you are working with.

Once you access the SureLC link, you will be brought to the following login page.  


If you do not see this login page, and instead receive an Adobe Flash requirement, please Click Here for a guide on enabling Flash.

On the login page you will have the ability to login using your SureLC credentials, or you may select New User to add yourself to the IMO/agency.

What if you forgot your login email or password?

Go to this link for instructions on recovering your login or changing your password.

How do you change your login email?

Login using your IMO/agency's dedicated URL and then select My Preferences. More details are available at this link


Please note:  If your IMO/agency uses Single-Sign On (SSO), where you login to their web site and access SureLC directly from there, you will not have a SureLC login to reset.  All SSO login questions should be directed to your IMO/agency.


For all other support questions, search for answers on our Support Home Page, or contact your agency's L&C (Licensing & Contracting) department for further assistance.

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