Adding AML courses on the new Training tab.

Ed Gambone -

How do I use the AML tool on the new Training tab?

Below is a step by step visual guide to adding AML courses on the updated Training tab in SureLC.

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Step 1: Select the Add AML Training button.


Step 2: Place your cursor in the course provider field.


Step 3: Select a course provider, or if it isn't listed, manually type the name and press Enter.


Step 4: Choose to import the course details from the provider, or manually enter the details.


Step 5A: Import Option.  Use the login credentials to the course provider.


Step 5B: Manual option.  Upload the certificate and enter the course name and completion date.


After selecting the Add button, the course is on the AML completed courses list.


Use these icons if you need to view the certificate, correct the course info, or delete the course.



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