W-9: Agency has a DBA Name or Reports Income Taxes Under a Different Company Name

Chelsie Gaspard -

The default mapping of the W-9 may not produce what you need when an Agency is registered with NIPR under a different company name than the name used for tax reporting or uses a DBA name. You can record this information manually in the Firm profile to help ensure the W-9 produces as expected.


This article covers the following topics:


Business Name is Different Than Tax Reporting Name on W-9

If the company name you report on your income taxes differs from how your company is registered with NIPR, you will need to complete the (W-9) Company Name on Tax Reporting field.

(Maps to W-9 Line 1)


W9 Different Company Name Line 1.png


Use a DBA or Disregarded Entity Name on the W-9

Use the (W-9) DBA/Disregarded Entity Name field to record a business name, trade name, DBA name, or disregarded entity name.

(Maps to W-9 Line 2)


W9 DBA Name.png


Please consult an accountant with any questions related to tax reporting or for advice on how you should have your W-9 completed.

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