W-9: My Agency Reports Income Taxes Under a Different Company Name

Chelsie Gaspard -

If your Agency is registered with NIPR under a different company name than the name used for tax reporting, you can record this information manually on your Firm profile to ensure your W-9 produces as expected.

This article covers the following topics:


Default Firm Mapping of W-9

By design, the name registered with NIPR will be listed as the Company Name name in your SureLC account.  This is the name the company is insurance licensed under and does business under.  And in most cases, is also the name used for reporting income taxes.



This Firm name maps to Line 1 of your W-9 for tax reporting purposes.  And Line 2 for the Business name/disregarded entity name is left blank.


This is the standard setting for a company that does business as and reports taxes all under the same company name.


Business Name is Different Than Tax Reporting Name on W-9

If your company does business under a different name than shown on your income tax return, you may need to record both names within your SureLC firm profile to ensure your W-9 is completed properly.

The Company Name name listed on your agency's profile is the name registered with NIPR and is the name used to do business.  This will remain as is on your profile and cannot be modified.




Enter the company name shown on your income tax return in the Company Alias field, if it is different than what is recorded with NIPR.



By entering a Company Alias, your W-9 will map as follows:

  • The Company Alias maps to Line 1 of the W-9 for Tax Reporting
  • The Company Name name registered with NIPR maps to Line 2 of the W-9.  



Please consult an accountant with any questions related to tax reporting or for advice on how you should have your W-9 completed.

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