Capitol Life (MedSupp) Integration

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Capitol Life Insurance and SuranceBay worked together to make submitting contracting paperwork even easier.  Effective November 25, 2019, all Contract & Transfer request types will be submitted directly to Capitol Life Insurance (MedSupp) after processing the request in SureLC™.

UPDATE: Effective Monday, March 1, 2021, ALL request types will be submitted directly to Capitol Life (MedSupp) after being processed in SureLC.  Capitol Life (MedSupp) has requested this update to streamline their onboarding process and alleviate any further delays in processing requests.

NOTE: This integration only applies to the MedSupp business channel for Capitol Life. It does NOT apply to the regular Capitol Life Ins Co carrier that is used for all other lines of business.


ALL Requests Uploaded Electronically

Now, when you process any type of request through SureLC, you'll receive the merged.pdf form in your inbox as you normally do.  However, there will now be a watermark on the PDF forms that indicate the forms have been electronically submitted to the carrier.

Contracting paperwork is submitted electronically every 5-10 minutes directly to Capitol Life (MedSupp). So, upon follow-up with the carrier they should have everything to process the request shortly after you've submitted it.

This means that you should NOT forward the paperwork (email, fax, snail mail, etc.) to the carrier - they'll receive it directly from SureLC™ and they will process the request accordingly.  This is designed to streamline the process for both your agency, your producers, and Capitol Life (MedSupp) to provide a quicker turn-around and more secure process for everyone involved.

⚠️ ALERT: ALL requests for a producer will be submitted electronically, including the initial and any subsequent requests. Capitol Life (MedSupp) does not accept any requests via email.


Carriers Included in the Integration

The following carriers are included in the electronic integration:

  • Capitol Life Ins Co (MedSupp)


Integration is REQUIRED for Aetna

Capitol Life (MedSupp) does not accept requests submitted via email.  Therefore, in order to use the carrier listed above in SureLC, agencies are required to submit via the integration.  If your agency wishes to disable the integration for any reason, please contact:

Priya Wadhawan | Director, Broker Experience, Senior Supplemental Insurance
phone 615-807-7542 | email

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