Display Resolution - What to do when you cannot scroll or select the Confirm or Next button

Jim Friend -

This article explains what to do when your Windows display resolution setting is set too low and you cannot see the next or confirm buttons on the top right corner of the screen when trying to request an appointment with a carrier. You may encounter the following problems: 



If you must keep the lower resolution:
You'll need to use both vertical scrollbars on the right to move the screen or content up or down to the desired location. If you are having trouble seeing the next or confirm buttons use the outer scrollbar and move the page all the way to the top. If you are having trouble getting the confirm button to light up you'll need to use the inner scrollbar and move it all the way to the bottom. To avoid this problem in the future it is recommend that you increase your display resolution to at least the minimum requirement. To do this follow the instructions below. 


Please note you can zoom the web page out by pressing and holding the
ctrl key and then scrolling the mouse wheel backwards. This will make the information shown on the screen a little smaller but the next & confirm buttons should now be accessible on the top right corner of the screen.   


mceclip2.png Important Note: To use the SureLC web interface properly the minimum display resolution should be set to 1280 x 800 or above. To change your display resolution follow the instructions below. 


To Change your Display Resolution do the following: 

Step 1: Right click anywhere on the desktop to open the menu. Click on Display settings as shown. 


Step 2: Use the right pane and scroll down until you see Display resolution. Using the list change the resolution to a minimum of 1280 x 800.  


Step 3: Windows will ask you if you want to keep the changes. Click 'Yes' as long as your display is working properly. If not then don't select anything and after a short timeout your display settings will be reverted back to the previous value. 


Step 4: After increasing your screen resolution log back into the SureLC web interface and the scrollbars will now be removed as shown in the following example. The next & confirm buttons will now be accessible on the top right corner of the screen in the default view. 


mceclip0.png Don't forget you can zoom in and zoom out to increase or decrease the size of the window! 

 If you have any additional questions on how to change your display resolution please contact support@surancebay.com 



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