How to Renew your Resident State License using SureLC

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Using SureLC makes it easy for producers to renew their state licenses. This process can be started either from the state license reminder expiration email (if enabled) or from your profile within the SureLC web interface. 

To Process your State License Renewal using SureLC do the following: 

Step 1)  Locate the email sent from SuranceBay reminding you to renew your license before expiration. Select the CLICK HERE link to start the renewal process. If you didn't receive a reminder email skip ahead to step 3b


Step 2)
Enter the last 6 digits of your Social Security Number and click LOGIN to continue.  

Step 3a)
Click on the Renew button to start the license renewal process. 



Step 3b) Alternatively, if you did not receive an email reminding you to renew your state license you can login to your SureLC account directly and start the renewal process from there. Once logged into your SureLC account, select My Info, and then the LICENSES tab. Click the Renew button to continue. 



Step 4)
Review the USE AGREEMENT, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Agree to continue. 


Step 5) Select ALL of the state licenses you want to renew (uncheck any state licenses you don't want to renew). 
The total cost to renew ALL of the selected state licenses will be shown on the top right.   


Click Next to continue.  

Step 6)
Review and update your personal information as needed. Click the lock icon to make the fields editable, make your changes and click on the lock again to save. 


In the event there is an address mismatch between SureLC and the state for any of your addresses a question mark icon will be shown. Click on the icon to decide how to proceed...

  • If your address is correct with the state but incorrect in SureLC you can choose to "Use State Values, Ignore Differences". Be sure to update your address in SureLC to match after processing.
  • Or you can choose to "Use State Values & Update Producer Record". To make sure the correct address information is used for the renewal and then automatically updated in your profile within SureLC after processing.  

Please Note: It's always best to make sure that your address information is up to date with the state department of insurance, NIPR (the National Insurance Producer Registry), and in SureLC BEFORE processing your license renewal order. 

After confirming all of your personal information is correct click Next to continue. 

Step 7)
Review and answer ALL background questions, scrolling down as needed. Once all questions have been answered, the Next button will be enabled. Click Next to continue. 


Step 8)
Read the full APPLICANT'S CERTIFICATION AND ATTESTATION and the state GENERAL AGENCY/AGENT LICENSE guidelines BEFORE proceeding as this information will vary from state to state. Accept the terms and click Next to continue.  


Step 9) 
Review the order summary and the notice on the bottom of the screen that says State fees are not refundable regardless of the processing outcome (state rules).  This is due to the state fees being passed onto the state department of insurance immediately after the renewal transaction is processed. In the event there is a problem with the order and the renewal is declined after the order is processed you will have to contact the appropriate state department of insurance and provide them the NIPR transaction # for a refund. Check the "I agree" box and click Next to continue. 


Step 10)
Verify your receipt email address and edit if necessary. Click the Add button and enter the credit card to be used for your payment. Click Process to complete your order. 


Step 11) 
Once your order has been successfully processed you'll see the Licensing Status screen. This screen will show the current status and the NIPR Transaction #. You'll also receive an email receipt with your order information. Please note it will take an average of 7-10 days for your license renewal to be completed and updated in SureLC as multiple business entities are involved.  




Frequently Asked Questions:  

Q1: How long will it take to receive my updated license after processing the request? 

A1: This will vary from state to state. Once the request is processed it's sent from SuranceBay to NIPR, and then from NIPR to the state department of insurance. Once the state department processes and approves the license renewal request they will update NIPR.  NIPR then updates SuranceBay either the next day or the following weekend depending on your account setup. Overall this can take between 7-10 days provided that there weren't any problems processing the license renewal request with the state department of insurance. 

Q2: Once my license is renewed where can i get a copy of the actual license? 

A2: You can obtain a copy of your updated license through the state department of insurance or from NIPR's website. You can use the following link  to locate your state's department of insurance website Or you can go to the NIPR licencing center using the following link to get a copy from there. 

Q3: My address information shown on step 6 is incorrect how do i update it? 

A3: You should update your address information withe the state department of insurance and then with NIPR to make sure it's correct and matches in both places. Then you should make sure your address information is also updated in SureLC within My Info on the NIPR tab.  Please note that SureLC will not update your address info after updating with NIPR so you'll also need to update your address information manually to match. 

Q4: I am trying to renew my license via SureLC but i see a message stating "the renewal period is not yet active". 

A4: You'll see this message when the current date is outside the date range for the renewal. After your license expires you have some number of days to renew before you won't be able to process the renewal through SureLC & NIPR electronically. If that happens please contact the state department of insurance for instructions on the best way to proceed. 

Q5: After processing a license renewal request through SureLC can I cancel my order and get a refund? 

A5: As stated during the renewal process state license renewals are non-refundable no matter the outcome. This is due to the fact that once the order is processed the funds are passed on to NIPR and then to the state department of insurance. Contact the state department of insurance and provide them with the NIPR transaction number to get a refund. To view our official License Return Policy click here. 

If you have any additional questions about the license renewal process please contact the SuranceBay support team at 877-264-6888. 




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