Windows Error Message Resolution

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When multiple programs integrate with one another (like SureLC and Adobe Reader), you can encounter error messages that require a bit of resolution. This page describes how you can resolve the most frequent errors on a Windows/PC operating system. The following topics describes the errors our users have encountered and how to resolve them.


Could not load PDF....Time Out Error


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These errors are a known bug with Adobe Reader integrating with web based programs (like SureLC and Internet Explorer).  At this time Adobe has not released a fix for this bug.  Until Adobe releases a fix, use this guide to resolve this issue.

1. Close SureLC

2.  Click on your Start Menu


3.  In the Search bar, type in "Internet Options" and choose "Internet Options"



4. In the new pop-up window, on the top tabs, choose "Programs"

5. Then in the middle section, choose "Manage add-ons"



6. In the new window, choose "Adobe PDF Reader" (if you do not see this option, then you should see "Adobe PDF" instead)

6. Click "Disable", and then turn it back on by clicking "Enable" 




7.  Re-Open SureLC, and log in.



Errors messages caused by Reader Settings

The following Error messages "To be included..", "Security warning", "Adobe needs write access" are all caused by the settings within Reader not being setup correctly.



Please use the following guide to ensure your Reader settings are setup correctly.

Step 1Completely Close SureLC

These setting changes will not save if SureLC is still open. Ensure that SureLC is closed before proceeding.

 Step 2: Double Click on the Adobe Reader/Adobe Acrobat Reader DC (not Adobe Acrobat/Adobe Acrobat DC) shortcut icon on your desktop or click your Start menu and look for Adobe Reader/Adobe Acrobat Reader DC


 Step 3: In the tool bar at the top, next to File, click Edit.


 Step 4: Click Preferences from the drop-down menu.


 Step 5:  In the new window that open, in the long list along the right hand side of the page, make the selection below depending on which version of Adobe Reader you are using. 

  • General [Reader 10]
  • Security (Enhanced) [Reader 11+, Reader DC]    


Step 6a: Deselect Enable Protected Mode at Startup.  If you do not see this option, look under the "General" category. 

6b: Select Enable Enhanced Security if not selected.


 Step 7:  Accept the changes.



Step 8: Close Adobe Reader.

Step 9: Restart SureLC and log in. 



Content Preparation/Locks-up/Stops Responding


The following issues "Content Preparation", SureLC locking up on the last step, or SureLC stops responding, happens due to a Reader error that wants to pop up but the computer and SureLC can not process the message.  End result of SureLC crashing.

To resolve this issue, follow the steps found here: Adobe PDF Configuration.

1. If the problem persists, do the following:

  • Close SureLC.
  • Click Start.
  • Choose Computer.  This opens a new window.
  • Navigate to the folder below. 

On Windows 7+  - C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Reader 11.0\Reader\plug_ins

On Windows XP  - C:\Program File\Adobe\Reader 11.0\Reader\plug_ins

2.  Once you open in the plug_ins folder, select and delete the following files: Accessibility, MakeAccessible, ReadOutLoad



You should now be able to open SureLC, and run an appointment without an error.


Form Cannot Be Opened

When there is an issue with one of the Producer's personal forms on their SCAN tab in their profile, you might receive one of the following errors when Reviewing Paperwork or Processing:



To resolve, go to the producer's profile. On the SCAN tab, hover over every form, and the form that does not produce a preview is the form causing the issue. Simply archive the troubled form, and then try again.



Could not load PDF....Error #20XX

The following error is cause by a bug with Acrobat's web plugin:

The easy solution is to install Reader DC by Clicking Here and choosing Reader as your default PDF handler.  This will force SureLC to use Reader, and recognize the PDF handler on the computer.

If you do not wish to use Reader, please attempt one of the following options below:

 Option 1

Step 1.  Close SureLC

Step 2.  Click on your Start menu 

Step 3.  Open whichever option you have:  Computer/PC/File Explorer

Step 4.  Navigate to your local C drive

Step 5.  Follow the following folder progression

  • C:\Users\(Your Login Name)\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Acrobat\Privileged

(If you do not see "AppData" in your user folder, simply type it into the address bar at the top of the folder and hit enter.  Or you can reveal Hidden Folder/Files by Clicking Here)

Step 6. If you do not see the Privileged folder, please proceed to Option 2

Step 7a. If you do not see the folder "2015"

  • Right click on the folder "DC" and copy.  Then right click, paste, and rename the "DC-Copy" to "2015"

Step 7b. If you see the folder "2015"

Step 8. Re-Open SureLC, and log in.


Option 2

Step 1.  Close SureLC

Step 2.  Install Reader DC by Clicking Here

Step 3.  After Installing Reader, set Reader as your default PDF reader by opening Reader, and follow the following progression

Edit -> Preferences ->

  • Click on General on the left side
  • Click on Make Default.. button on the right side

Step 4. Re-open SureLC and ensure that you do not receive any errors.

  • If you still receive the error, please contact us for more support at 
  • If you do not receive the error, then proceed to Step 5a or 5b.

Step 5a. If you wish to keep Reader

  • Proceed to using SureLC, and feel free to let us know if you have anymore issues.

Step 5b. If you wish to get rid of Reader and only have Acrobat

  • Close SureLC
  • Uninstall Reader, Click Here for uninstall instructions
  • Proceed to Option 1



Error 100X

This error is a random error that usually happens when the connection to our server times out, due to a slow internet connection or security setting limiting access to our server.

Restart SureLC, and continue using SureLC as needed.

If the error continues to show up, please contact SuranceBay via email at so we can investigate further to find why your system is having issues connection to our servers.



Error Not Listed

For any questions on how to resolve errors not listed above, contact SuranceBay via email at

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