MacOS Error Message Resolution

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When multiple programs integrate with one another (like SureLC and Adobe Reader), you can encounter error messages that require a bit of resolution. This page describes how you can resolve the most frequent errors on a MAC operating system. The following topics describes the errors our users have encountered and how to resolve them.



Using Adobe Air and SureLC macOS

To install AIR and SureLC, please use the following guide:

  1. Make sure that SureLC is uninstalled.
  2. Install this version of Adobe AIR 
  3. You will most likely receive the following error, but that is OK.  Simply click "OK" to close the error.Screen3.jpg
  4. Open Terminal (e.g., click on the magnify glass in the top right corner of the screen, and type "terminal")Screen4.jpg
  5. In Terminal, type (or copy/paste) the following: cd /Library/Frameworks and press Enter/Return
  6. Then type (or copy/paste) the following in Terminal: sudo xattr -d "Adobe AIR.framework" and press Enter/Return
  7.  You will then be prompted to enter you user password for your macOS account.  Once you type it in, press Enter/Return.
  8. Once these steps are complete, you can install SureLC by Clicking Here

After installing SureLC, please open SureLC to ensure that the workaround for AIR was done successfully.

You will most likely get the following error:Screen5.jpg

This error is just letting you know that Reader or Acrobat are not installed, which is expected at this stage.  To resolve this, close SureLC and then install Reader 2018 by Clicking Here to download the Reader 2018 install file.  Once installed, re-open SureLC to ensure that you do not get an error.

If you receive an error, or need additional assistance, please contact us at



Adobe DC Compatibility  

SureLC is NOT compatible with Acrobat DC 2019 or Reader DC 2019 at this time.  This is because of Adobe Air compatibility with Mac integration.  Because we are not partnered with Adobe, we do not have information on when this will be resolved. Meanwhile, you can roll back to an earlier version of Acrobat Reader.  However if you installed Acrobat Reader DC already, you must remove the PDF internet plug-ins before installing an earlier version.  To do this:

1.  Close SureLC 

2. Uninstall Acrobat/Reader



3.  Right Click on "Application" and choose "Show in Enclosing Folder"



4.  Delete the AdobePDF plug-ins from the Internet Plug-in folder.



5. Empty your Trash Bin to remove the version from your system  

6. Install an earlier version of Reader: Click Here 

7.  Re-open SureLC 



SureLC Crashes on macOS

When opening SureLC on a macOS, you might run into an issue where it looks like SureLC is updating, but it suddenly closes out and give you a long error message.  This issue is caused by the newest version of Reader conflicting with Adobe Air on the MAC. 

To resolve this issue you will need to revert back to an earlier version of Reader by uninstalling the current version of Reader on your system, and then reinstalling an older version of Reader.  Please Click Here on steps on removing Reader and Reader's plugins, so that you can install the older version to use with SureLC.

However after reverting back to an older version, you might run into this issue again because Reader automatically updated to the newest version.  Adobe Acrobat Reader DC is set up for automatic updates by default. It does not provide any UI option in the preferences to control this setting.

To turn off automatic updates, please use the following guide:

  1. Open the Terminal (you can select the magnify glass in the top right corner and type in "Terminal").
  2. Once you have the Terminal open, please copy and paste the following:

    sudo launchctl unload -w /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.adobe.ARMDC.Communicator.plist

    It will most likely ask for your password, type in your password you use to log into the MAC and press Enter/Return.
  3. Navigate to the Applications folder in Finder, find Adobe Reader DC, right click it and choose Show Package Contents

  4. When it does, go to Contents > Plugins.
  5. Once in Plugins, find the file "Updater.acroplugin" and move it to the trash bin.

This will stop the automatic updates for Reader.


Using Acrobat 2019 on macOS with SureLC

The above workaround to enable Adobe Air to work on the newest version of macOS will not work with Reader 2019 or Acrobat 2019.  The version of AIR that is required will crash when trying to communicate with these 2019 versions.  

If you only have Reader 2019 and would like to use SureLC, you should remove that version, and install Reader 2018 by Clicking Here to download the Reader 2018 install file.  Then follow the steps above to enable the workaround.

If you use a paid version of Acrobat 2019, that will require one of a few potential alternative workarounds, because Adobe does not allow you to downgrade your paid version to Acrobat 2018.  Please review these workarounds for Acrobat:

  1. Remove Acrobat 2019 and Install Acrobat 2018, if the Acrobat 2018 license is available to you.
  2. Setup a virtual machine on your Apple computer.  On the virtual machine you can install SureLC and the programs needed to run SureLC.
  3.  Use the web version of SureLC ( instead of the desktop version.  


Cannot access SureLC Servers on a Mac OS

When accessing SureLC on a Mac OS, you might receive the following message:

Cannot access SureLC Servers. Please check your Internet connection. In case of working Internet please let our support know. 


This error occursw because your system is blocking cookies from  To resolve this do the following to enable cookies for SureLC:

  1. Open Safari
  2. Choose Safari > Preferences

  3. Choose Privacy.  
  4. In the Cookies and website data section, select Always Allow or Allow from websites I visit.  For an explanation of the options, click Help (question mark).


Once you enable cookies you should be able to access SureLC without any trouble.  If you are still unable to access SureLC, contact SuranceBay Support at and one of our technicians will contact you to resolve this issue.


Error Not Listed

For any questions on how to resolve errors not listed above, contact SuranceBay via email at

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