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This article describes how to use the Doing Business As page in SureLC.  The DBA selection on this page will determine which carrier forms and questions are included in any contracting requests, and how commissions will be paid to the producer.


DBA Type

One of the following three options MUST be selected to complete the DBA setup:




This option should be selected when when the producer will be paid commissions directly from the insurance company at the set commission rate. Producers will receive a 1099 with their SSN at the end of the year from the insurance company.


Additional Individual Options:   

Have Solicitors - Select this check box when you'll have Licensed Only Agents soliciting for you. 

Assigning Commissions - This setting is ONLY available when Doing Business As is set to Individual and ONLY for the carriers that allow it. Producers can select this check box when they want to assign their commissions to a beneficiary/business. After selecting this option the tax id, name, and beneficiary address must be provided. 


Business Entity 

Select this option when the applicant is an owner or officer of a business entity that has an EIN (employer identification number) and commissions will be paid directly to the business entity. 


Additional Business Options:

Have Solicitors - Producers who will have Licensed Only Agents soliciting for their business should check this box to enable this option.

Linked Firm Information

After entering the EIN for the business and importing the business information from NIPR the firm
information will be linked to the producer profile. Firm information will be shown here. Firm info is 
imported from NIPR and cannot be edited here.



Licensed Only Agent 

Also referred to as "Solicitors". This option should be selected when producers are soliciting for another individual or business.


This selection is only for applicants who:

    • Need to be appointed by a carrier
    • Do not receive commissions directly from the carrier
    • Are not an owner or officer of a business entity    

Contact Information for Appointments

No matter what DBA type is selected, contact information should always be reviewed to make sure it's current as this information will be included on the contracting paperwork.  By default, this information is pulled from the My Profile page.  However, if the producer works with multiple agencies in SureLC and has specific contact information they'd like to use for one agency's contract requests they can enter that information here and it will not affect the contact information used by the other agencies.

Select the arrow to expand any of the sections in order to modify the contact info. 


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