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This article describes the Contracting Requests page that is visible to producers where they can create new requests and check the status of existing requests.

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Viewing Requests

When logged into SureLC for Producers, select Contracting Requests in the menu. The page includes multiple tabs at the top of the screen. Each tab represents a stage of the contracting process: At Producer, At BGA, At Carrier, Completed, or Discarded. Contracting requests proceed through these stages as they are submitted and processed by the producer, agency, and carrier.

Select any of the tabs to view the contracting requests currently at that stage.



This tab shows the contracting requests currently at the Producer stage. Requests shown here are waiting for the producer to either:

  1. Complete the review request sent to them by the agency, OR
  2. Submit the request created by the producer to their agency

This tab is also where new contracting requests are created.



1. Carrier Search - Use the search field to locate contract requests by carrier name.

2. Create Request button - Select to start a new carrier contracting request. CLICK HERE for detailed instructions on how to create and submit new contracting requests.

3. Contracting Request Cards - All contracting request cards on every tab show the following information: 

  •      Carrier Name - The name of the selected carrier
  •      Request Type - This can be either Contract, Add State, Payment, or Transfer
  •      At [stage] Since - The date the request was put into the specified stage
  •      Products - List of selected product types 
  •      States - List of states selected for the request

4. Comments - Any additional information your agency wants you to know about the request can be found here. 

5. Open & Discard buttons - Use the Open button to open, edit, and submit the contracting request, where possible. Use the Discard button to cancel the request and move it to the Discarded tab. You can only discard requests you created that have not ever been submitted to your agency.



This tab shows requests currently at the BGA stage.  These requests are either:

  1. Created by the agency and have not yet been sent to the producer for review, OR
  2. Confirmed and Signed by the producer and are waiting for the agency to review and submit them to the carrier

If the request has been confirmed and signed by the producer, you may select the Download Files button to save a copy of the paperwork.





This tab shows requests that have been reviewed by the BGA and submitted to the carrier. These  requests are pending an update from EITHER the carrier or the agency regarding a final status.

NOTE: SureLC receives automated status updates from a few carriers. However, in most cases it is up to the agency to update a request once it has been submitted to the carrier, so you may see many requests sitting in the At Carrier stage for a long time.

You may select the Download Files button to save a copy of the paperwork.




This tab shows contracting requests that have been submitted to the carrier and subsequently completed through SureLC. Requests are set as Completed in one of two ways:

  1. The agency manually completes the request after receiving confirmation from the carrier that the contract request is approved, OR
  2. The carrier sends an automatic status update to SureLC indicating the request is approved and a writing code is assigned. Only a few carriers provide this update currently.

When a contract request is completed, a new contract record is added to the Carrier Contracts page in the producer profile.





This tab shows requests that have been discarded by the agency or producer. Discarded requests can be recovered if necessary. Select Recover to restore the request and move it back to the At Producer tab.


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