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This article explains how to use the "Signature" page within the producer SureLC profile. Producers can access this page by selecting Signature in the navigation menu after logging into their SureLC account. The purpose of the Signature page is to provide access to SuranceBay's signature authorization form which MUST be reviewed and signed before producers will be able to submit new carrier contract requests via SureLC. Using this page producers can perform the following tasks: 

1. DRAW SIGNATURE - Choose this option when you don't have access to a printer or scanner and want to review the signature authorization form on screen. Once reviewed, terms can be accepted and then a digital signature can be created on-screen via mouse or drawn when using a mobile device or tablet. 

2. PRINT FORM - Choose this option when you want to print and wet sign the signature authorization form. Once signed, the form will need to be scanned and then the file uploaded to SureLC. Please note this option is not available when using a smart phone or tablet. 

3. UPLOAD IT NOW - Select to open the file selector and upload a copy of the signed signature authorization form. SureLC will use onscreen character recognition (OCR) to create the digital signature using the uploaded form. 




How to Create your Digital Signature Onscreen:

Step 1: Select the DRAW SIGNATURE button. 

Step 2: Review the signature authorization form on-screen and accept the terms by selecting the Agree button. 


Step 3: Use your mouse (or touch screen if using a smartphone) to draw your signature on-screen. Use the Clear button to erase and try again if needed. When you're satisfied with the signature select the Done button. 


The signature authorization form will be saved and added to the Profile Documents page, satisfying the signature authorization requirement. 

How to Print the Signature Authorization Form 

Step 1: Select the PRINT FORM button. 

Step 2: After the signature authorization form opens select the printer icon in your browser to print the form. 


Step 3: Review and sign the signature authorization form. Once signed the form will need to be scanned to create a digital copy or you can choose to take a photo instead to create a file. 


How to Upload a Scanned/Signed Signature Authorization Form 

Step 1: Select the UPLOAD IT NOW button. 

Step 2: Use the file selector to locate the scanned/image file, and then open the file. 

Step 3: Wait for the file to be uploaded and scanned with OCR (optical character recognition).  Once scanned the signature image will be cropped and displayed.  From here you can: 

  • Crop Again - Re-crop the signature image.
  • Enhance - Darken the signature image. 
  • Confirm - When satisfied with the signature image select this button to save it.
  • Discard - Delete the signature image.


Confirming the signature image satisfies the signature authorization requirement. The signature authorization form will be saved to the Profile Documents page as an Active document. 








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