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This article explains how to log into SureLC as a producer, how to change your login User ID, and how to reset your password. Please note you cannot login to, or register for, a SureLC profile on this page. Read on to find out how to access SureLC. 


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How to Login

Where is the SureLC Login?

In order to register or login to SureLC, you MUST use a specific login link for your agency licensing department. This link is typically made available either on their website or will be sent directly to you by email.

The link will look similar to  The # at the end of the link should be a specific number that belongs to your agency licensing department and should be provided to you by your agency.  

If you don't have the link or you don't know the agency number to put in the link above, please contact your agency's licensing department. They will provide you with the correct link and instructions for new user registration & login.  

Once you have access to the SureLC link, select it and you'll be brought to the following login page:  


Once at the login page enter your User ID email and password to login, or you may select  Register New Account to register yourself with the agency. For instructions on how to register click here.
Please bookmark the login page in your web browser for future access. You'll need to return to the login page whenever you want to access your SureLC account. 


Multiple SureLC Logins 

When registered with multiple agencies that use the SureLC platform it's important to understand the following:

  • Each agency will have its own dedicated SureLC web login page which will be used for registration and to log into your SureLC account under that agency.
    • For example, if you are registered with 3 agencies you'll have 3 SureLC logins and a dedicated web page to log into for each agency. 
  • Your login credentials (User ID and password) MUST be unique for each agency.
    • Please note: The only exception to this rule is that when registering with additional agencies you can use the same login User ID email for each agency login, as long as the passwords are unique to each agency. 
  • ALL agency login web pages should be bookmarked and labeled to make future logins easier.  

For more information click here

Single Sign-On 

If your agency uses Single Sign-On (SSO), where you log in to their website and then access SureLC without a separate login, then all login questions MUST be directed to the agency.  The instructions on this page do not apply to SSO logins. 

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How to Change your Login User ID Email or Password

Step 1: If you need to change the User ID email used to access SureLC, you'll first need to log in with your current User ID email. This will be the email address that you used when you registered with your agency. 


Step 2: Once logged into SureLC, click on your initials icon on the top right corner of the page. This will open the user options menu. 


Step 3: 
Select Accounts & Settings. 


Step 4: From the Account & Setting window you can change your login User ID, change your login password, or delete your SureLC account with the agency you are logged into.  


Step 5: Select the Change User ID button. Enter the current password for your SureLC account. Type in the new email address you want to change your SureLC login UserID email to. Enter it a 2nd time to confirm. Click Update User ID to save the changes. To change your login password skip to step 6. 


Please Note: Changing your login User ID email DOES NOT change the contact email listed on the "My Profile" or "Doing Business As" page. If you want to change the email addresses in your profile, you MUST go to each of these pages directly to change them.   

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Step 6: To change your login password click the Change Password button. 


Enter your current password and then enter the new password. Follow the password creation rules listed below the field to ensure it's a strong password. Click Update Password to save the new password.  



How to Recover your Account when you don't have Access to the Registered Email   

If you're in this situation please contact SuranceBay support for assistance by sending an email to to request a password reset along with your updated email address. The support team will send a password reset email to the updated email which will be used to change your password. After updating your password you'll be logged into your account automatically. Once logged in, you'll need to update your login user id email by doing the following: 

Step 1: Select your initials icon on the top right. 


Step 2:
Select Account & Settings. 


Step 3:
Select Change User ID. 


Step 4:
Enter your new password and then your updated email address. Save the changes. 


Step 5:
At this point you'll be logged out of your SureLC account and will be taken back to the login page. Bookmark the web page for future access and then enter your updated login user id email and password to log back into your account. In the following example (with Google Chrome) you can click the star icon on the top right to save the web page. When using a different web browser this may be different (consult the browser help to learn how to save the web page if needed). 







How to Recover your Account Credentials and Reset your Password

Step 1: From the SureLC login page select Forgot Password. 



Step 2: Enter your social security number and date of birth to verify your login User ID.
Continue with step 3 to reset your password. 


Step 3: Use the radio button and select the account you want to recover. 


Step 4: For security choose the method to receive the authentication key. For this example, email was selected. Click Send Authentication Key to receive the code via email. If you cannot find the email check your junk/spam folder. 



Step 5:  Once the authentication code is received, enter the code in the field provided and then select Confirm Authentication Code



Step 6: Enter the new password in the field provided and then enter it a 2nd time to confirm it. Remember to follow the password rules when creating your new password. Click Save Password to update your account password. 


Step 7: If you've done everything correctly your password will be updated and you'll be logged into your SureLC account automatically. 




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For further assistance please contact SuranceBay technical support by sending an email to or by calling 877-264-6888. 


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