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This article explains how to access and run web reports within SureLC. Web Reports consist of specialized reports SuranceBay has made available to your agency. Most reports are available to all agencies, but you may find some are custom reports designed for your agency by request. If your agency would like a specific report, email support@surancebay.com with your request.


How to Access Web Reports 

Recommended Reports 

Custom Reports




How to Access Web Reports 

Step 1: Log into your SureLC agency admin account. If you aren't sure how to log in, click here for details. 

Step 2: Select Web Reports in the navigation menu to the left. 

Step 3:
The SuranceBay Web Reports list will open in a new tab using your default web browser. Reports are listed alphabetically. Use the search field shown below to enter the name or type of report you want to run. 


A recommended reports list is provided in the next section.  


Step 4: The Agency Producer Contact Info report has been selected in the following example. 



Select open in a web browser to view the report information on the screen. Select View/Download PDF to generate and download the report as a .pdf file. Alternatively, you can download the report data as a .csv or .xls file with formatting. After downloading it to a .xls format, you can slice and dice the data any way you want to from there.  




Recommended Reports 

1. AML Expiration

This report lists producers who completed an AML course before the selected date. 

2. Agency Producer Contact Info
A detailed producer contact information report which includes the following information: 

Last Name, First Name, DOB, Mailing Address, City, State, Zip Code, Email, Phone, Affiliation, Added on Date, Added By, NPN

3. Agency Producer List Detail
A detailed producer list report Includes the following information: 

Last Name, First Name, Affiliation, DBA Type, Soliciting for, Email, Phone, Added on Date, Added by, Last Appointment date, Finra registered, NPN, Gender, Status 

4. Appointments by Producer 

This report shows the appointments by producer, carrier, and stage over time. 


5. Appointments by Producer with Details 

This report includes the following information: 

Created on date, Last Name, First Name, Affiliation, NPN, DBA Type, DBA Entity, Email, Phone, Added On, Carrier, Type, State(s), Products, Stage, Reviewed, Paperwork Date, Agent #, Processing Date, Processed by, and Initiator 


6. BGA Appointment Count Trends
Appointment counts by month and year. This report includes the total number of BGA appointments processed monthly and yearly for the last 6 months.  



7. BGA Processed Appointment Count Trends

This report includes the total number of appointments processed monthly and year by the agency from the agency SureLC account start date. 



8. Billed Contract and Transfer Request
This report provides a list of ALL processed and requests that incurred a fee (if your agency pays per contract) or which count toward your monthly limit (if your agency pays a monthly subscription).  


9. Contracting Status
This report provides statistics showing the total number of contracting appointments by insurance carriers and by stage for the selected date range.  


10. Detailed Agency Transaction History
A useful billing report that shows an itemized list of billing charges by transaction type. 

11. Errors and Omissions Expiration
Run this report when you want to find out which of your producers have expired E&O insurance policies for the selected date range. You can also use this report with future dates to see when producer E&O will expire soon.  


12. Expiring Licenses
This report provides a list of producers whose licenses are expiring within the selected date range. The date ranges can be past or future. This report is useful when the agency isn't copied on the producer license renewal notification emails.


13. Individual Producer License Details
This report is useful when you want to review state license information for an individual producer. The producer's NPN number is required to run this report. 



14. Itemized Billing Charges
This report lists itemized billing charges for the selected date range. It is useful for better understanding billing charges.  


15. Producer or BGA Stage By Carrier 

This report lists pending contract requests by the producer and carrier at the producer or BGA stage (so these requests have not been sent to the carrier yet). 


16. Producer Lookup 
Use this report to locate producer profiles by name, email, or NPN #. Please note this report will only search for the criteria provided by your SureLC agency account. 


17. Quantity of Individual Producers 
Use this report to obtain a list of ALL producers registered in your SureLC account. This report provides a total producer count and an alphabetical list of producers. Report information includes: 

Total Producer Count, Last Name, First Name, Affiliation, Email, Phone, Last Appointment Date 


Custom Reports

Please note that your agency incurs a custom development charge for specific reports not re-usable for other agencies.  To request a report, as well as an estimate of the cost associated with developing the report, email support@surancebay.com with the details and the type of information you want. SuranceBay's Support Team will provide you with an estimate of the amount of time and money it will take to include your report.  Once your report is included in SureLC, you can run the report as often as you like without additional charges.



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