Group E&O Policies

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The E&O page streamlines the data entry and E&O declaration pages for one or more groups of your producers. Designate a Master E&O policy that covers all producers under a specific Affiliation (or multiple affiliations). This feature typically applies to Master E&O policies for a Broker Dealer.  Designating one policy by affiliation will eliminate uploading the declaration page under each Affiliated producer's profile. 

You can upload the policy once and update the information annually when the policy renews. Updated information will filter all affiliated producer profiles, eliminating redundant tasks.


How to Add a Group E&O Policy

How to Update a Group E&O Policy 





How to Add a Group E&O Policy

Step 1: Log in to SureLC. 

Step 2: Select E&O (umbrella icon) on the navigation menu. Once the E&O page loads, you'll see all the group policies previously added to your SureLC account. 


Step 3:
Select the ADD E&O POLICY button on the top right. 


Step 4:
On the E&O Policy Page, select the type of distribution model and enter the required policy information into the fields highlighted in red. This includes the policy...  

Start Date, Expiration Date, Case Limit, Total Limit, Policy Number, and Carrier. 


Distribution Model 

  • Blanket Policy Type- A blanket policy is when the E&O Declaration Page, the policy number, limits, etc., covers all producers with the designated affiliation. Producers with an affiliation covered under this blanket policy do not need to upload a certificate of coverage or enter any data on their E&O tab in their SureLC profile because it already covers everything the agent would enter. 
  • Certificate Policy Type- Certificate-type policies are those where almost all the data for the E&O policy is the same for the group of producers (based on affiliations) covered under this policy. Producers are issued their own E&O Declaration page and have their own Certificate #, but the policy # and amounts remain the same. By setting up this policy type, producers, on their E&O Tab in their SureLC profile, enter only their Certificate # and upload their E&O declaration page; all other information is pre-filled for them. 


Step 5: Select the SET AFFILIATIONS button and add ALL the affiliations the policy should apply to in the left pane. Once all the desired affiliations have been added, verify in the right pane and then select the SET AFFILIATIONS button to save. 


Step 6: Drag and drop the policy title document or select the button to open File Explorer on your computer and then select the policy .pdf. The uploaded document should be the title policy only and not the full policy. 





How to Update a Group E&O Policy 

A new option to 'Reinstate' an expiring policy will become available two weeks before expiration and will be removed two months after expiration. Using this option is the easiest way to update the group policy information. 

ENO Reinstate.png

When you update the policy information, please remember to enter the new policy number (1), confirm the affiliations it should apply to (2), upload a copy of the new E&O declaration page (3) for the updated policy (if it's a blanket policy), and save the changes (4). 

ENO Reinstate 2.png

The reinstated policy will take effect on the start date (and the expiring policy will be automatically archived two months after the expiration date).  If more time has passed than two months past expiration, please add a new policy and assign it to the desired affiliations. 

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