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What is SureLC Onboard? 

This application was designed for TPA's (third party admins) or Carriers to used to review and release contract requests to the carrier or decline contract requests when carrier requirements have not been met. Contract requests submitted in SureLC Onborad are sent by agencies who have access to the designated carrier. Onboard admins will review pending contract requests to ensure the carrier requirements have been met before releasing the contract request to the carrier.


What is a TPA? 

TPA stands for third party admin. TPA's work in an intermediary between the agency and the carrier. TPA's provide valuable assistance to carriers by reviewing pending producer contracts to ensure they meet carrier requirements before sending those contracts on to the carrier for final review.   

How to Contract Requests get into SureLC Onboard? 

Contract requests that are listed in SureLC onboard are submitted by agencies using the SureLC applications that have access to the designated carrier.


Why can't I review the backgrounds screening report details? 

Only SureLC onboard admins designated as screening officers can review and approve background screening reports. Other user types will only be able to see whether or not the background screening has been completed and either accepted or rejected by a screening officer. 


An agency submitted a contract and it's listed in SureLC onboard but realized that there are some changes needed. How can they resubmit an updated version of the contract request?

When this hapens the agency will need to contact the TPA to let them know that there was a problem with the contract submission. From there the TPA just needs to decline the contract request. Once declined, the agency can submit a new version of the request. 


For more information please contact the SuranceBay support team by sending an email to support@surancbay.com or by dialing 877-264-6888. Thank you.  







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