User Administration

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The user administration page is used by SureLC Onboard office managers to add new and manage existing admin user accounts. 


User Roles 

Office Manager - Admins designated as office managers can create and manage admin user profiles. This is the ONLY user role who will have access to the user administration page. 

Agency Worker - Non office managers will be able to review and release contracts to the carrier but will not have access to the user administration page or the details of credit and criminal background report details. 

Screening Officer - This user role is the only role who can review credit and criminal background report details. As with the other user roles, they can open pending contract requests to review and release to carrier when requirements have been met, or decline when they haven't. 


How to Add an Admin User 

To add a new admin user select the Add User button and then enter the required information (as shown in the example below). Click Save to create the new admin account. 


Once a new admin account is added, the new admin will receive an email from with a link to activate their account and create an admin password. Once the password is saved, new admins will be logged into the SureLC onboard application automatically. After being logged in, be sure to save the web page in your web browser or password manager for future access.  



For more information please contact the SuranceBay support team by sending an email to or by dialing 877-264-6888. Thank you.  









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