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This article explains how producer profiles can be added to SureLC One Agency accounts. Producer profiles can be added by agency admins using the Producers page or by register themselves using your agency's unique dedicated weblink (which is used for both logins and new producer registrations).  


How to Register a Producer from the Producers Page 

Producer Self-Registration 



How to Register a Producer from the Producers Page: 

Step 1: Login to SureLC for Agencies as an admin and go to the Producers page. This is the default landing page. 


Step 2:
Select the +Add Producer button on the top right. 


Step 3:
Enter the producer's social security number, last name, and date of birth. Once entered, SureLC will check with NIPR to make sure they are a licensed agent (as shown in the example below). When verified, you'll be able to complete the registration by entering the producer's email address and phone number. You'll also be able to decide whether or not you want to send the producer their account activation email now, or later using the check box at the bottom of the screen (if you don't want to send this now you can send it later from the producers page / actions list when ready). Select the create account button to add the producer to your SureLC account. 


Please note: ONLY licensed agents with a valid NPN # and active state license can be registered. For brand new agents you may have to wait a couple of days for their information to be completely updated with NIPR before they can be registered in SureLC. 

Step 4:
Once registered, the producer will receive an email with a link to click to activate their account and to create their login password. Their profile will also be opened automatically for review. 



Example of account activation email received by the agent: 





Producer Self-Registration 

Step 1: Using the navigation menu, select Agency Settings. Your agency's unique dedicated weblink is shown at the bottom of the General Info page. If you already have the weblink skip to step 2. 
Copy the weblink. This link will be used by your producers to login and to register for new SureLC accounts.  

SureLC One - General Info.png

Step 2:
Copy and then email the weblink to your producers to invite them to register for a new SureLC account under  your agency. Alternatively, you can add your dedicated weblink to your agency website and provided instructions to your producers explaining how to register from there.   


Step 3: Producers who receive the weblink with your registration instructions will select the link to be taken to the login & registration page for your agency. Notice your agency's contact information is shown on the right side of the screen. From here the new producers will select REGISTER NEW ACCOUNT.  Previously registered producers can enter their User ID (Email) and password to access their account. 


Please note: Agents who already have a SureLC account with another agency MUST also register with your agency! 


Step 4: On this last step producers will enter their social security number, last name, and date of birth. Once entered, the information will be validated with NIPR to make sure they are a licensed producer and that they have an NPN # and active state license. Once located in NIPR's database they can enter their email address and select Create Account to complete their registration. 



Step 5: Once successfully registred, new agents will receive the account activation email. From here agents will click on the link which validates their email address, activates their account and takes them to the password creation page.    



Step 6: Once a password is created and saved, producers will be logged into their account new SureLC account automatically. This is the SureLC for Producers Web Interface. Producers should bookmark the webpage for future use. 











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