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Producers with this feature enabled have the ability to invite their downline agents to register a new SureLC producer profile, with the inviting producer automatically set as the upline within their agency's SureLC account. Invites are sent via email and managed from the producer profile using the SureLC for Producers web interface.  Producers who have the "Can Invite Downlines" feature enabled will see 2 new pages in the SureLC for Producers web interface when logging into their account.  These are Invitations, and Downlines. 


Invitations Page - Pending 

This page will be used to send new invitations to downline producers and to monitor the status of the invites once sent. The "Pending" tab shows ALL of the invites that were sent that haven't been completed by the invited agents. Invites can easily be deleted or resent from this page. Select the New Invitation button on the top right to send an invite to a downline agent.   



New Invitations 

Enter the required information in the Downline Info section. This includes the producer's name, email address, and at least one carrier. To save time, carrier templates can created and saved for future use.  Once all the required information has been entered, select the Send Invitation button to generate the invite email and send it to the agent. 


Invitation Email 

Invited downline agents will receive an email with instructions explaining how to register and activate their new SureLC account. The following example shows the invite email received by Linda Johnson sent by their upline agent Lita Smith. The agency Lita send the invitation from is Pilot Agents.  



Invitations Page - Completed 

This section will show a list of ALL downline agents who completed their regsitration from the invite. Information shown includes the downline name, email, carriers, and completion date.



Invitations Page - Expired 

This section shows a list of all downline agents who have not completed their regsitration from the invite email within the required period (2 weeks from the sent date). Information shown includes the downline name, email, carriers, and expiration date. Invites can easily be resent to the agent using the Resend button. 



Downlines Page 

This page shows a list of ALL agents who have completed their registration. In the following example, Linda Johnson is shown because she completed her registration. 



For more information, please contact SuranceBay technical support by sending an email to or by dialing 877-264-6888. 



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