SureLC -> How to Send a Carrier Contract Request to a Producer

Jim Friend -

Step 1: Login to SureLC and select the Producers button on the home screen. 


Step 2:
Using the search field, locate the producer by name and then select the producer row (single click).   


Step 3:
Select Appointments on the top right under the Actions menu.  


Step 4:
Select the Request Appointment on the top right. This will start the new carrier contract request.  


Step 5:
Select the carrier and then then the request type (choose contract when the producer has not been contracted with the carrier before). Then click next to continue. 



Step 6:  Select the states where the  producer would like to be appointed and the products they want to sell.  Please note ONLY the states where the producer is actively licensed will be listed. Select Next to continue. 



Step 6: Answer any agency quesitons, however, producer questions MUST be answered by the agent. Select the Request Review button on the top right.  


The producer's contact email will be loaded by default as the producer email. Select the Send Email button to send the new carrier contract request to the producer as an email.  



Example Request Review Email Received by the Producer
Producer's who receive a request review email will receive an email from the SuranceBay system with a link to the contract request waiting for their review. From here the producer will select the Start Your Review at SureLC button to access the pending contract. 



Simplified Login 

After selecting the Start your Review  button the producer will be taken to the login screen where they must enter the last 6 digits of their SSN + their DOB to authenticate with the ystem to start their contract review. 


Once logged in the agent can continue with the contract reveiw that was started on their behalf by the agency.  


After producers complete their contract review and sign the paperwork your agency will get notified via email to make you aware the contract is ready to be reviewed and processed. Processed contracts will be listed in the WorkInbox and on the producer appointments list.   



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