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This article should help new SureLC One agency admins get started with SureLC One. Select an option below to learn about the related function or process.  

1. New Agency Admin Welcome Email  

2. How to Login as an Agency Admin 

3. Registering your Agency Principal  

4. How to Invite Producers to Self-Register with Your Agency

5. New Producer Self-Registration Process  

6. Work Inbox - Contract Reviews & Processing 




1.  New Agency Admin - Welcome Email  

After being added to SureLC One as an admin, you'll receive a welcome email (as shown below). Locate the email and select the CLICK HERE link to activate your account and to create your account password. If you haven't received a welcome email check your spam folder or contact your office manager. 


Please note: After successfully creating a password and reviewing and accepting the SuranceBay SaaS & Terms of Use policies you'll be logged into SureLC One for the first time automatically. Once logged in, please bookmark the webpage and save your login credentials for future use.  



2. How to Login as an Agency Admin 

Step 1: Open your web browser and go to SureLC.com. Next, select the Secure Sign In button.



Step 2: Once at the SureLC login page, enter your admin email and password. Select login to access SureLC One.  



Step 3: Once logged in, you'll start on the Producers page (as shown below). This is where producer profiles are managed. Use the menu on the left to navigate through the system. 


For more information about the producers page click here.  



3. Registering your Agency Principal  

You'll need to register your agency's principals signing officer as a producer in SureLC  in order to set them up as a principal. This is important because you'll need to be able to apply their signature to the carrier contracting paperwork when needed.  To register your agency signing office, and to set them up as a principal do the following:  

Step 1: Login to SureLC, and then go to the Producers page.  

Step 2: Select "Add Producer" on the top right.

Step 3: Enter the required information for your agency principal and then select "Create Account" at the bottom of the page. 

Step 4: Once added, select "Go To Producer Profile" in the registration completed window. This will open the producer profile.

Step 5: Select the Signature tab. Check to see if the SuranceBay signature authorization form has already been signed and is on file. If so great, go to step 6. If not, you can download a copy of the form or email it to your principal to have them review and sign the form. Once signed, you'll need to upload the signed signature authorization form to the Signature tab. 

Step 6: Next, go to the DBA tab and update the DBA settings for the principal. Since they will be setup as the principal signing officer for your agency you'll need to select Business as the DBA type and then enter the required information (your agency's EIN and their title). Finally, select "Retrieve from NIPR" to complete the DBA setup. 

Step 7: Once the principals' producer profile has been added and configured. Go to Agency Settings and select the Principals tab. 

Step 8: Locate your agency principal signing officer in the right pane and then select the + button next to their name to add them to the Principals list. If you have more than one principal signing officer repeat this process for each additional principal.    


Please note: Principals are the top-level signing officers for your agency. Principal signatures will be available in the "Signatures" section on the last step of the contract review and should be placed at the desired level BEFORE processing new carrier contract requests. 



4. How to Invite Producers to Self-Register with your Agency 

Step 1: Obtain a copy of your agency's dedicated weblink by selecting Agency Settings (gear icon) on the navigation menu.  Copy the link from the bottom of the General Info page.  


Step 2: Draft an email communication that you'll use to send to your agents to invite them to register for a new SureLC account. The instructions MUST include your agency's dedicated weblink. In addition to the weblink we recommend that you include the following two additional links from our support site:   




5. New Producer Self-Registration Process  

Step 1: New agents will use your agency's dedicated weblink to register for a new SureLC account. To start the process they'll select the REGISTER NEW ACCOUNT link at the bottom of the web page.  


Step 2: Next, agents will enter the required information (SSN, last name, and DOB). The information will be validated with NIPR. Once located, their email address will be entered twice to create their new SureLC account. This email will be used as both their login user id email and is where they will receive communications from the SureLC system.   


Step 3: Newly registered producers will receive a welcome email from setup@surancebay.com (as shown below). A link is provided within the email that will be used to activate their account and to create an account password.  


Please Note: Once the account password is saved, new agents will be logged into their accounts automatically. From there they can review and update their account information and submit a new carrier contract request.  



6. Work Inbox - Contract Reviews & Processing 

When new contract requests are submitted by your agents, your agency will be notified via email. These new contract requests will  show up in the WorkInbox. To access the WorkInbox select the monitor icon on the top left of the navigation menu. The WorkInbox will be used to manage, review, and process your carrier contract requests. In the following example, a new contract request was submitted by Rhonda Jenkins and is ready to be reviewed and processed. 


To start a contract review select the producer name on the contract row. This will open the contract request. Once opened you'll be able to review everything that was selected by your agent. Review the information on each step and click next to move on to the next step. During the contract review you'll be able to add hierarchy & commission information and signatures before processing the contract request to send it on to the carrier. For more information about how to use the WorkInbox click here











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