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It would be nice if when going into the Info & Appointments Tab if there was a highlighted number next to a producer showing that he/she has appointments pending and how many. Much the same was as when a number appears for a producer if a license is due to expire, or E&O / AML has expired. This way we would know at a glance there are appointments pending and pull info we may need when calling the carrier, before going to the work inbox tab. 

Missy Finkbeiner

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Hi Missy,

Not sure if you've tried this but within the Work Inbox you can view the appointment requests by producer instead of by carrier.  Just click the (Group by) Producer button at the top left corner of the Work Inbox screen to see what this looks like.

This essentially does what you're asking but just within the Work Inbox instead of the Info & Appointment screen.  It also has the benefit of showing you all of your producers' requests and what stages they are in rather than just a single count regardless of the stage.

Let us know if this doesn't work for you.

Mike Abrahamson 0 votes
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