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Notification when missing items are uploaded

Is it possible to set a preference to receive email notifications when missing requirements have been completed by the agent? Specifically, once the agent has initially registered, but didn't have a void check at the time or a copy of his license. When he uploads the information, can we set a preference to be notified that something has been updated? Or even better, the void check has been uploaded?

Becky Hare

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Great question, and thank you for posting this.

SuranceBay actually did some work on this feature a while ago, but determined that it likely would become overbearing for nearly all of our clients.

Most agency clients have hundreds, or thousands (and some have tens of thousands) of producers. The question subsequently becomes, "What items, upon producer updates, should prompt a notification to their BGA, like yours?"

For example, we've had requests from BGA's to be notified when address changes occur, or E&O updates have happened, or answers to background questions have changed, or EFT updates have happened. This could, and likely would, result in way too many email messages to our BGA clients on a daily basis (imagine getting an email everytime a producer 'does something' within SureLC).

For that reason, we've determined to hold off on implementing automated email notifications.

All that being said, SuranceBay's recommendation is to implement Validation Rules within their Agency Setup, which stipulates the minimum requirements that a producer must complete prior to submitting appointment requests.

More details are available here:

Finally - not only do we welcome feedback from our users, it's imperative for everyone to comment/post as we routinely look at these requests for future enhancements.

Anatole T.
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