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Add the option to add an ALERT to an agent

Is it possible to add an ALERT to an agent so that anytime we go into their profile or appointment requests, the alert pops up on the screen?  I know we can add a note, but notes are easily overlooked.  I want something that you can't miss seeing.  Thanks!

Jessica Munroe

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Hi Jessica,

Thanks for the suggestion!  We're in the process of launching a completely new version of SureLC for Producers in the web browser in the next couple weeks.  Once that is launched we will be focusing our development efforts on a completely new version of SureLC for Agencies that will be a massive update for the desktop version that you currently use.  There may be an opportunity for this kind of enhancement once that version is launched sometime next year.  I'll bring it up to the team here and see what we might be able to do to accommodate your request.


Mike Abrahamson
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