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Americo not listed as option in contracting request page

I am licensed in NYS and I am trying to contract with Americo. Only Mutual of Omaha and John Hancock are listed. Why is Americo not an option? Also, I have Texas and Pennsylvania licenses but they aren't populating under my Licenses tab and it won't allow me to add them to my carrier contracts. Can we get this fixed please?

David Leathers

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Hi David,

I see that you sent an email to our support desk regarding your TX and PA licenses, and Paula responded to let you know those have now populated your profile.

As for your question about which carriers are available, you'll need to contact the agency that gave you access to SureLC as they control which carriers are available to request.

In the future it is best to first contact your agency with any questions. But if you are having technical issues with SureLC you can email as you did on Saturday and we'll be happy to help.

Mike Abrahamson
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