What are some of the recent enhancements added to SureLC?

Jim Friend -

On December 12, 2022 the Surance Bay launched the new and modern SureLC, built from the ground up as a web-based platform. That means it's even easier to access the industry's leading onboarding and compliance platform on any computer. There are zero downloads or installations, just open SureLC.com in your web browser to login and go! Here are some highlights of the enhancements we’ve added to SureLC: 

    1. SureLC is now completely web based and is accessed by ALL agencies using SureLC.com with virtually any web browser. SureLC no longer requires Adobe Acrobat/Reader or Adobe Air. 
    2. New and improved redesigned Producers page with customizable views, and new export to Excel feature. 
    3. New and improved redesigned Work Inbox page with customizable views, new export to Excel feature, and "assign" contract feature which can be used to more effectively manage pending contracts.  
    4. New and improved Firms page, customizable views, and new export to Excel feature. 
    5. A new Carrier Rules feature has been added. Carrier rules can now be created to setup DBA overrides by carrier, product line, and affilation.  CLICK HERE to view a full article on this feature.
    6. Affilations now have a dedicated page with ALL affiliation options and settings in one place. 
    7. New and improved dedicated Carriers page. Hierarchy and compensation information can now be previewed to see how forms will be populated prior to submitting the contract review to the carrier. 
    8. The Producer profile agency view now matches what the producer see's in the SureLC for Producers web interface. Please note that as with the producer view there is now a dedicated tab for Signatures, FINRA, and the Scan tab has been renamed to Documents. 
    9. Custom GA Contact information per agency and/or carrier has been added to Agency Settings and Carrier setup. 


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