Producer Setup Packet

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Setting up producers within SureLC is a simple task that, on average, takes less than 10 minutes. Most agencies have their producers complete their profile online through your agency's custom SureLC URL; some agencies prefer to set up the producer's profile themselves.

When agencies opt to set up the producer's SureLC profile themselves, SuranceBay provides a Producer Setup Packet. The documents provided in the package are what the producer to completes and returns to you so you can set up the producer's basic SureLC profile. 


SuranceBay does not maintain updated copies of these documents.  Use them at your own discretion.

  • Feel free to edit or modify all documents as your agency sees fit, except the Signature Authorization Page. Requests to modify the Signature Authorization Page should be emailed to for SuranceBay's Management approval before use.
  • Feel free to add your agency's cover page or anything else to the documents when sending the package to the producer.  
  • A Word copy of the setup packet is included in this article so you can modify anything in the packet.
  • SuranceBay provides these files as is and as a service but does not maintain / revise / update them - this is solely a convenience for our agencies and SuranceBay makes no warranties whatsoever as to their use.


  • Infrequently, one of SuranceBay's Agency clients will contact us because a producer has a questions or problems related to the SureLC Signature Authorization Page.
  • The Signature Authorization Page is a legally binding document. Alterations to this page by anyone other than SuranceBay management is strictly prohibited.
  • This form has been approved, and is required by, numerous carriers as a required part of the contracting paperwork.
  • By signing this form, the producer accepts that their signature will be applied only "... to any and all signature fields on forms and agreements of any insurance carrier...".  
  • The producer can request by contracting with your agency through your SureLC-Web account, through email, or orally (e.g. phone call) to use the signature page for specific carriers. If they make that request, producer's signature will be applied only to forms for the requested carriers. Agencies are prohibited from using SureLC to process contracting paperwork for carriers that the producer did not request. Click here for more information.
  • Should the producer decide not to sign this form, it's ok. Agencies working with producers who decide not to sign the Signature Authorization Page should upload a "blank" signature page into the producer's SureLC profile and input all other required data to complete the producer's SureLC profile. Then the agency can process contracts without the producer's signature, receive the contracting paperwork by email, and then forward the completed carrier contracting paperwork to the producer for them to 'wet-sign' and return.
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