My Producer is having a difficult time logging into their SureLC Profile

Jim Friend -

Why is it that when a producer is trying to login to their SureLC profule, SureLC says "Unauthorized, User not found"? 


The producer may not be entering the correct information. Here are some common reasons for seeing this error message:

  • The entered email address is mistyped or is not the registered email address. 
  • The entered password is mistyped or incorrect. Producers should click on the eye icon to view the entered password to insure it's spelled correctly (this is case sensitive). 

Producers can use the Forgot Password link on the SureLC log in screen to update their password. When selected the system asks for two pieces of information in order to find the producer record. 

1. The producer's Social Security Number 

2. The producers Date of Birth 

*All information must be entered as noted with the National Insurance Producer Registry. 


What should producers do when  their profile was found and they did go through the password reset process, but he/she never received the password reset email with the confirmation code?  

Once the profile is found (using the SSN & DOB) the system will ask the producer where he/she wants their password reset email code sent to, either e-mail or text. If not received, please have producer check their spam or junk folder.  

Click here for a tutorial that shows the entire password reset process producers go through. 

If your producer continues to have trouble logging into their account please contact for assistance. 



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