E&O Renewal Notification Still Going to Producer After My Agency has Opted Out of the Program

Chris Toth -

Why is my Producer still receiving E&O renewal notices, even after my agency has OPTED OUT of the notices being sent? 


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Why are notices still going to my Producer?

First please closely review the notice your producer received.  It's quite possible the email came from a different Agency.

The Agency Name that the notice originated from is listed in the Subject Line and throughout the entire notice.  Here's an example:



It's not uncommon for a Producer to work with multiple agencies, or still be listed under an old agency they no longer work with.  It's up to the old agency to purge any Producers they no longer work with.


How does my Producer UNSUBSCRIBE from these notices?


If the producer wants to unsubscribe from the notifications program, he/she can simply click the link at the bottom of the E&O renewal notification. 






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