SuranceBay Producer Licensing FAQ's

Jim Friend -

Q1. Who is SuranceBay?

A1. SuranceBay is the company that provides the BGA/IMO/Agency you are associated with the software used to complete producer licensing and contracting. The system includes a feature where the agency can send out renewal notifications to producers when a license needs to be renewed. Producers can use the link in the email to process an order to renew a state license right from the email communication if needed. 

Q2. I don't like entering my Social Security Number online. Do I really have to in order to renew a license through you? 

A2. No. When you get an e-mail reminder that a license is up for renewal, you will be asked to click on a link in that e-mail that will take you to a log in screen. On that log in screen, we will only ask for the last 6 of your SSN as well as your birthdate in order for you to log into the system and renew/apply for licenses. This is the only information you will be asked for in order for the system to find your profile. 

Q3. Can I use my iPad to get into the system and renew a license?

A3. Yes. You can use virtually any device to process your license renewal (smartphone, tablet, PC, etc.). 

Q4. Do you offer Continuing Education classes?

A4. At this time, no. It is best to check with your home state to see what online CE companies to use. 

Q5. I haven’t finished my CE class yet can I still renew?

A5. No, you should NOT renew your license if you have not completed all your CE credits, because the states will go to your home state to verify credits and if they are not complete, the state may reject or hold your application with payment and you would have to follow up with that state to get it renewed.  Best practice is to wait until you are compliant.

Q6. I appreciated the notice that my license needs to be renewed, but I wanted to let you know that the renewal has been completed already. How do I do this? 

A6. There is no need to let us know. Your license renewal will be automatically updated in our system and reflected in your licensing and contracting profile. There is no need to provide us with a copy.

Q7. I'm having some issues getting through the process of applying for a Non Resident License. Can you help?

A7. Yes. We have a step-by-step guide you can take a look at. Click HERE. 

Q8. I use to be a resident in Hawaii, but have moved to California. How can I renew my Hawaii license if I do not live there anymore?

A8. If you are no longer living in your home state, you will have to change your resident state to the new state. Once you have your new home state then you will be able to renew your Hawaii license as a non-resident.

Q9. Can I renew multiple licenses at one time through your system?

A9. Yes. You can use the batch renew option to process an order to renew multiple eleigible state licenses at teh same time. However, please remember that if you are renewing multiple states make sure you are compliant with all your CE credits.  Each state has different requirements for CE credits and LOA's.

Q10. I see you are asking for my credit card information. Do you store any of that information? 

A10. No. When we charge your CC, it is not stored on file. It is a one time use when you purchase your renewal or new non-resident license.

Q11. Why was I charged $166.09 when it said the cost was $114.09?

A11. The cost you see in the upper righthand corner is the state fee. At the end when you are getting set to input your payment, it will show you the processing fees and give you a total cost.

Q12. I got my approval email, but no license. What gives?

A12. We do not email you your license. Most states have done away with sending paper licenses.  If you want/need to download a copy of your license, we suggest using NIPR. Click HERE. Or you can use Sircon to obtain a printable copy of your license

Q13. How do I get a receipt when I renew my license?

A13. You should have put in your email address when you were filling in the payment information. The receipt for that transaction will be sent to the e-mail address you specified. If you don't see the receipt in your inbox, check your spam/junk folder.

Q14. When processing my credit card, I got an error message. What happened?

A14. This can be caused by a few different things like: address mismatch, wrong billing address, incorrect numbers or expiration date or CVS code. Be sure and check that all information is correct and try submitting again. 

Q15. What fees do you charge when renewing or applying for a license through your system?

A15. Click HERE to find out. 


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