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This article explains how to review and update agency settings. These are the master settings for your agency.  Agency settings are made up of multiple sections, which are described in detail below. Each section contains different types of configuration settings that will be used to customize the configuration of your SureLC agency account. These settings will be used to update your agency account info, control features such as license notification emails, setup validation rules to control what producers have to add to their profiles before being able to submit new carrier contracts, setup agency principal signers, and more.  

GENERAL INFO (▶ video included)

PRINCIPALS (▶ video included)

LICENSE NOTIFICATIONS (▶ video included)


VALIDATION RULES (▶ video included)

CUSTOM LINK (▶ video included) 

DBA TEMPLATE (▶ video included)




How to Access Agency Settings 

Step 1: Log in to your SureLC agency admin account. 

Step 2: Select Agency Settings in the navigation menu.  

Step 3: The agency settings page is divided into multiple sections or pages. General Info settings are shown by default. 


Select any tab at the top of the page to review and update the settings within that section. Use the index below to learn how to effectively use these settings.  




The General Info page is broken up into the following sections. Please review the details below to learn how to use these settings.  








1. General Info -> Ga ID # - This is your agency's unique identification number. Providing this number to the SuranceBay support team will save time when reaching out for assistance. This number is also shown on the top right next to the agency name. 

2. Name - Your agency's name, which was provided to SuranceBay during the onboarding process. Please note that your agency name, contact email, and phone number will be shown on the login screen to producers and in email correspondence by default. 


3. EIN - Your agency's employer identification number. This number will be used to pull your agency's information from NIPR when added as a firm and for SurancBay accounting purposes. 

4. Office Manager - Enter the name of your agency's main contact here.  

5. Contact Email—This is your agency's contact email. It will be shown on the SureLC for Producers login screen and used for email correspondence when submitting new carrier contracts. Your agency will also receive email notifications for new producer registrations and carrier contract requests.  

6. Phone - Your agency's main phone number. This phone number will be shown on login screens and in the help and support section of the SureLC for Producers web interface. It will also be sent to carriers along with your contact email when new contract requests are submitted. 

7. Fax - Your agency's fax number should be entered here. 




8. GA Contact Information - This setting controls what information to use for the contact name and email on the contracting forms so carriers will know who to follow up with when they have questions about contract submissions. The default setting is Agency Default, which will use the values defined for Office Manager and Contact email, as shown above. However, if preferred, this can be changed to use the Processing Admin's info (the logged-in user info; for example, John Smith is logged in, and his email is Alternatively, Custom can be chosen, where you can enter the contact name and email instead, which would be used instead. 


The Settings section provides access to master settings that can be used to customize your agency setup. Please note the following settings are system-wide. Review what each setting does in detail BEFORE making any changes to understand their impact.  

Agency Settings.png

9. Use Agency Email for Contracting Requests - When selected, your agency's contact email will replace your producer's email on the contracting forms. Disabled by default. 

10. Receive Email Notification For New Producers - When enabled, your agency contact email will receive an email notification whenever a new producer has completed self-registration using your agency's dedicated weblink. This feature is enabled by default. 

11. Enable DBA Templates - Your agency will have access to the DBA Template tab when enabled. DBA templates can set up DBA (doing business as) overrides for producer profiles. This is useful when you have a group of agents that will have the same type of DBA setup, such as all individuals or license-only agents. Please note that you must first create affiliations before you can apply this type of override. Enabled by default. 
12. Enable Required Affiliations - Enable this setting when you want to make affiliation selection a requirement for agency admins during the producer registration process. This setting only applies to Agency admins and will not affect producer self-registrations.    

13. Show Affiliation List - This setting is used when you want to show the affiliation list to your producers during the self-registration process. Enable this setting when you want the producer to select the affiliation they will be a member of. Disabled by default. 

14. Enable ClearCert Integration - This option will be enabled if you have an account with Clearcert and want to integrate with your SureLC account to validate training certification (such as LTC). For more information about this integration, click here

15. Out-of-Date Contracting Requests—Incomplete contracting requests are automatically moved to the "Out-of-Date" Contracting Request stage after the selected period of time. By default, this setting is set to 6 months. You can modify the setting by selecting Never, 6 months, or 12 months. Please note that "Out-of-date" contracts can still be reviewed and processed. 

16. Auto Assign Agency Admin to Contracting Requests - When enabled, ownership of contracting requests created or processed by your agency admins will automatically be assigned to the Work Inbox. 


The bottom section shows your agency's address information. 


17. Use GA address for producer mailing - Select this option when you want to replace your producer's mailing address with your agency's on the contracting forms. Please note that this is a systemwide setting that applies to ALL producer profiles. This setting is disabled by default. 

18. Business address—Your agency's current business address. If necessary, use the pencil icon to the right to update the address. 

19. Mailing address—Your agency's current mailing address. If necessary, use the pencil icon shown to the right to update the address. 




This tab is used to set up your agency's principal signing officer. Principals are the top-level signing officers for your agency.  Before a principal can be added, that person must be registered as a producer in your SureLC account.  Please note principal signatures will only be available for selection after your agency's principal signer has been added to the selected principal's list on this page. Once added, they will become available for selection in the "Certified by" section on the last step of the contract process review. Once selected, their signature will be applied to the contracting paperwork where needed.  


1. Selected Principals—This section shows all of the principal signers added to your SureLC account so far. Depending on the carrier setup, the top selection will be chosen as the default signer for some carriers. Your top agency signer should be listed in position 1 so that they will be the default selection (unless there is a default signature setup on the carriers tab).  

2. Available - Use the right pane to locate and add one or more principals to your SureLC agency account. 

Search Field - Use it to locate the agent you want to set up as the agency principal signer.  

Read-Only Producer Names - After a principal has been added to the selected list, their name will be read-only. 

Add Producer - Select the +Add button to the right of the producer name to add them to the principals list. Agencies can have multiple principals. 





License notification settings determine if SureLC will send email notifications to your producers to remind them to renew their state licenses before expiration. These settings control if and when producers will receive these emails. Also, if your agency helps manage producer state licenses, you can choose to copy your agency on these emails as well. Use the settings listed below to configure these settings.  


1. Producer Settings - When enabled, ALL producers will receive email notifications from the SuranceBay system reminding them to renew their state licenses before expiration. This setting is enabled and set to "When Becomes Available" by default. Within the reminder email, there is a link to the licenses page of the producer profile where they can review their current state license info and process state license renewal orders when needed. 

2. Agency Settings - Enable this option when you want your agency to be copied on producer license renewal emails to stay in the loop. This setting is disabled by default. Please note that if your agency won't be taking action on these emails, admins can run the "Expiring Licenses" web report alternatively. 

3. Agency Manages Licenses - This setting controls whether or not agency admins will have the option to process license renewal orders on behalf of their producers. This setting is enabled by default. When enabled, agency admins can process license renewal orders from the licenses page within the producer profile when needed. 

4. Email - Enter the email address where you want your agency to receive copies of the producer state license renewal emails. By default, this value will be set to the "Contact Email" defined on the General Info tab.  




Many SuranceBay clients embed SureLC within an iFrame on one or more websites they control or grant access to. SuranceBay supports this, but it's important to maintain appropriate security measures across browsers to provide a seamless experience for your producers. The following information is only pertinent if you embed SureLC within an iFrame.  Any destination URL that you are using to load the iFrame of SureLC must be listed in the SSO/IFrame URL's list.  If you do not see it there, type it in and select the + button to add it. Each URL must be part of an HTTPS secured parent domain, or the iFrame feature will not work.  This page is used to add trusted xframe URLs to your SuranceBay system account.  This way, you can embed the iFrame on your website. For more information on how to set this up, click here


1. Example URL - Once added, the web address will be listed here. Please note it must begin with https://. 

2. Enter URL Field - Enter the web address and click the + button to add it to the list. 

For more information, click here


Validation rules control what information a producer must have in their profile BEFORE they can submit new carrier contract requests from the SureLC for Producers web interface. Please note that these master settings apply to ALL producers unless specified otherwise with affiliation-specific validation rules. 


1. EFT—Select EFT data and Voided check to make banking information mandatory for your producers within their profiles. Please note that these settings only apply to producers who are doing business as individuals or business entities and do not apply to license-only agents. When working with agents who will be paid their commissions directly by the carrier, it is recommended that EFT data and Voided check be a requirement. They are disabled by default.  

2. E&O—Select the checkboxes for E&O data and E&O certificate when proof of active errors and omissions insurance policy information is required for carrier contracting. When enabled, your agents will have to provide their policy information and declaration page BEFORE they can submit contract requests. 

3. Training - Select the appropriate training types to make them mandatory within the producer profile before contracting. When any of these training types are enabled, proof the producer has taken an appropriate training course MUST be added to the producer profile on the CE & Training tab BEFORE they will be able to submt any contract requests.  

   Finra - Check this box when proof of FINRA registration is required for carrier contracting. 

   AML & AML Certificate - Enable when proof of an appropriate anti-money laundering course has 
been completed to satisfy the carrier requirements before contracting with the carrier.  

   Annuity Certificate - Enable when an annuity certificate will be required for carrier contracting. 

   LTC Certificate - Enable when a long-term care certificate will be required for carrier contracting. 

   AHIP Certificate - Enable when an AHIP certificate will be required for carrier contracting. 

4. Articles of Incorporation - Please note this setting only applies to producers who have their DBA set up as a business entity. Check this box when articles of incorporation are required for contracting. 


This tab shows your agency's dedicated weblink to use for new producer self-registration. Use the options and fields below to customize settings further and to create a new custom link for your producers to register with your agency. Please note any producers who register through the new custom link will NOT be assigned to an affiliation and will be set up as "Not Affiliated." 


1. Affiliation Settings 

   Editable - Check this box when you want your producers to see the affiliation list and have the ability
to select the affiliation they want to be a member of. 

   Required - When checked, producers MUST select an affiliation when registering for a new SureLC
account. This setting makes affiliation selection a requirement and only applies when the Editable checkbox is also selected.       

   Visible - Check this box when you want the producer to see the name of the affiliation instead of your 
agency name on login screens, email correspondence, etc.  Please note that "Use Affiliation Name" must also be selected on the General Info tab for this setting to apply. 

2. Producer Contact Information - The settings listed in this section (phone and fax) can be used to set the default phone and fax numbers in the producer profiles for all producers who register using the custom link. Please note while these fields can be used to set the default values for the producers they can be updated by the producer in the web interface and by agency admins within the producer profile.  

3. Doing Business As... - Here, you can set the default value for the DBA tab within your producer profiles for producers who register via the custom link. This is useful when all producers will be set up with the same DBA type such as individual, business entity, or license-only agent. 

4. New Registration CC - Add an additional email address when you want to copy someone else in addition to your agency contact email on new producer self-registrations. 

5. New Registration BCC - Add one or more email addresses here that you want to copy on new producer self-registrations. 

6. Custom Link - This section shows the new custom web link that you will send to your producers to use for self-registrations. From here, you can highlight and copy the link or use the check mark button on the right to copy the link. Once copied, you won't see anything happen, but the link is created and can be pasted into documents or the body of an email (or added to your agency website). Once you confirm your registration process, you'll want to send instructions to your producers to invite them to register for a new SureLC account with your agency.  




This tab sets up overrides for producer DBA settings within their profile. Please note this page is only available when the Enable DBA Template is enabled on the general info tab. 


1. Enabled Checkbox - Select to unlock the fields for the best way to contact others. When unchecked, these fields are read-only. 
2. Best Way to Contact - Email - Enter the email address that you want to use to replace your producer's contact email. Please note that this setting will apply to ALL producers who are members of the default, not affiliated, group. 

3. Best Way to Contact—Phone -Enter the phone number you would like to use to replace your producer's phone number on the contracting forms for producer contracts. Please note that this setting will apply to ALL producers who are members of the default, not affiliated, group. 

4. Best Way to Contact—Fax—Enter the phone number you would like to use to replace your producer's fax number on the contracting forms for producer contracts. Please note that this setting will apply to ALL producers who are members of the default, not affiliated, group. 

5. Other - DBA Type - Use the list box and select the default DBA type to set up for the default / Not Affiliated group. Be cautious about enabling this setting, as it will apply to ALL producers who are not assigned to an affiliation. When enabled, this setting will be defined on the producer profile's DBA tab and read-only. 




The Training Concierge section can be set up to import producer training course information for courses producers completed using an agency-level training account. Supported training providers are WebCE and Quest. After successful authentication, when training information is found for any of your producers, the training course information and certificates will be imported and added to the producer profile. The Producer profile restrictions section can also be used to customize the sections available in the producer profile. Review the information below for more information. 

Agency - Training Tab.png

1. Provider - This list shows the names of the training providers that are currently available to import agency-level training information. If you have an agency-level account with another training provider that you would like to add to your account, please email with the request and the name of the provider, and our support team can assist you. 

2. Add Account - Select to add your agency's account information to be used to authenticate with the training provider's web portal. 

3. Upload - Select to upload a supported .xlsx file to import training course information. 

4. Producer profile restrictions - Select the check boxes next to any of the listed selections to hide that section within the producer profile on the CE & Training page of the producer SureLC web interface. Please note enabling these settings will disable these sections on both the agency and producer views. 

Hide AML section - Select to hide the AML section.  

Hide Annuity Product section - Select to hide the AML section.  

Hide Best Interest Product section - Select to hide the AML section.  

Hide LTC Product section - Select to hide the AML section.  

Hide Medicare Product section - Select to hide the AML section.  

Hide FFM section - Select to hide the AML section.  

For example, if you only wanted to show the AML section in the producer view you would enable ALL of the check boxes except for "Hide AML Section". 


Producer Web Interface View with only the AML section enabled: 


Agency View with Only the AML section enabled: 









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