How to use the Work Inbox

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The Work Inbox is the best place for agency admins to go to manage ALL pending carrier contract requests for ALL producers in one place. Using the Work Inbox is the most efficient way of handling contract reviews and processing. To access the Work Inbox, login as an agency admin and then select Work Inbox (the monitor icon) on the top left of the navigation panel. Use the options at the top of the screen to locate pending producer contracts by name, or the filters to sort by stage, type, period or assignee.  By default, ALL Pending contract requests are listed newest to oldest by producer for ALL stages. Use the stage filter to quickly locate contracts at a particular stage (i.e. producer, BGA, or carrier). 



Use the links below to learn how to use the Work Inbox: 

How to Check the Status of a Contract Request 

How to Review & Process a Contract Request 

How to Mark a Contract Request Completed 

How to Discard a Contract Request 

How to Create a New Contract Request 

Work Inbox UI Screen Reference 




How to Check the Status of a Contract Request 

Step 1:  Search for the pending contract request by producer name. 


Step 2:
Once located, check the "Stage" the contract request is currently at (i.e. Producer, BGA, or Carrier). When a contract request is at the producer stage, the producer is still working on the request and needs to complete the contract review and sign the paperwork before the request will move to the BGA stage. When at the BGA stage the contract request is waiting to be reviewed and processed by the agency. When at the carrier stage the contract request has been submitted to the carrier for their review. 

Step 3: Check the "Since" date to see how long the contract request has been in the current stage. 

Step 4: Check the notes in the last column to see if anything has been entered that would prevent the contract from being completed.  

Step 5: Report the current status of the request back to the producer to manage their expectations. Notes can be added as needed. 

How to Review & Process a Contract Request 

 Search for the request by producer name.  Once located, select the producer name to open the request. 


Step 1: Carrier & Request Type 

At this point, the contract request will be opened and is ready to be reviewed. Starting with the Carrier selection & Request Type, review the information on the page and click next to continue.  


Step 2: States & Products 

Review the products and states that are selected. These are the products the producer wants to sell and the states where they want to be appointed.  Click next to continue.  


Step 3: Hierarchy & Commissions 

Enter the appropriate hierarchy and commission information that will be applied to the carrier transmittal or custom grid forms. The hierarchy info tells the carrier who will be involved with the contract and at what level. If you also see commission fields, enter the carrier code that represents the commission to be paid to the producer. Once this information has been entered, click next to continue. 


Step 4: Training  

The training step shows the carrier training requirements. Review the information provided by the agent to see if the requirements have been met and click next to continue. 



Step 5: Errors & Omissions  

The errors & omissions step shows the carrier E&O requirements. Review the information provided by the agent to see if the requirements have been met, and then click next to continue. 



Step 6: Carrier Questions 

This step shows miscellaneous carrier questions and optional documents that can be included with the contracting paperwork. Select any desired additional optional documents, review the answers to the producer questions, and then click next to continue. 


Step 7: Questionnaire / Background Questions 

These are the background questions required by the carrier. Agents will answer these questions and provide additional explanations as required whenever a question has a "Yes" answer. Review the questions and answers and then click next to continue.



Step 8: Document Review & Contract Processing 

On the final step of the contract review, review any document in the list or preview all documents to see how they are filled out. Set the paperwork date (today is the default but you can backdate if needed). Select where to send the contract request when processed, and add the 'certified by' signer in the signatures field. After reviewing and updating this information click process to send the contract request to the carrier or other selected party.



Example Email Communication Sent to Carrier for a Processed Contract: 

Once processed, an email will be sent to the carrier with the contract request with all of the required forms filled out and packaged into a single pdf (merged.pdf). 


This completed the contract request processing. At this point, the contract request will be sent to the selected party for review. 


How to Mark a Contract Request Completed  

After sending the contract request to the carrier eventually, you'll hear back to find out if the contract request was approved. When approved, the producer will be assigned their agent code and can start to do business with the carrier. Once you hear back from the carrier you should update the contract request by marking it completed. Once this is done the contract request will be updated with the completed status and assigned agent code and will be removed from the work inbox. The updated contract information will also be shown to the producer within their SureLC profile on the carrier contracts tab. To mark a contract request completed do the following:  


Step 1: Use the search field to locate the contract request. 


Step 2:
Select the actions button on the right. From the actions menu select "Mark Completed". 


Step 3:
Enter the agent number assigned by the carrier, the start date, and then click save. 


This completes the contract request. 



How to Discard a Contract Request 

Step 1: Locate the contract request. 



Step 2: Select the actions button to the right and then select "Discard". 



Step 3: Enter the reason for discarding the request (such as declined by the carrier or duplicate request) and select Discard. 


Once discarded the request will be removed from the work inbox. The producer will also see the contract request moved to the discarded tab within their profile on the "Contracting requests" along with the comment.  


How to Create a New Contract Request 

As a shortcut, contract requests can be created right in the work inbox. Do the following to create a new contract request for a producer: 

Step 1: Select the "+ Create Request" button on the top right. 


Step 2:
Enter the name of the producer you want create the contract request for and then select the "Create" button. For this example, it's for Rhonda Jenkins. 


Step 3: The new contract request will be started. Fill out the desired information and then send the contract request review to the agent when ready. Please note this is the same process that's used when creating a contract request from the Contracting Requests tab in the producer profile. Creating the request from the work inbox is a shortcut. 





Work Inbox Screen Reference 

Top Section: Filters & Options

Review the details below to learn how to use the filters and options listed at the top of the screen. Work_Inbox_-_Column_headers_3.png

1. Search - Use to filter the pending contract list by producer or carrier name. 

2. Stage Filter - By default ALL pending contracting requests are shown in each stage. Use the filter to view contracts by stage (At Producer, At BGA, At Carrier, 'Completed', or 'Discarded'). 

3. Request Type - Use to filter the list by request type.   

4. Period Filter - Use to filter the pending contract list by date range.  

5. Assignee - Use this filter to check and see how many contract requests have been assigned to an admin. 

6. Funnel Icon - Use to save the filter parameters for the next session. 

7. Gear Icon / Settings - Select the gear icon to change the table view from original/flat to stage view. You can also use the advanced option here to change the columns to be included in the table view. 

8. Export to Excel - Select the x icon to export the pending contract list to an Excel file. 

9. + Create Request - Select to create a new producer carrier contract request.  


Pending Contract Request List Details 

This section shows a list of ALL pending contract requests for ALL producers by the carrier. 


1. Producer - This column shows the producer name listed by last name, first name. Select the producer name link to open the contract request for review and processing. 

2. Carrier - The name of the carrier the contract request is for. This is the carrier the producer would like to be appointed with.  

3. Type - This column shows the type of contract request. Possible types are: 

Contract This is a new carrier contract request. 
Additional State  This request type is used when the producer is already contracted but now wants to get appointed in a new state where they weren't licensed when originally contracted. 
Hierarchy & Commissions  This request type is used when only the hierarchy & commission information needs to be updated with the carrier. 
Transfer  This request type is used when the producer wants to set up a dual appointment or generate release forms when switching between IMOs. 
Payment  This request type is used when producers want to update their banking information after they were contracted. 

4. Stage - 
This filter is used to sort the contract list by stage. The stage represents where the contract is in the workflow. 

All Active  This is the default option that shows ALL active pending contract requests. This is the total number of contracts at all other stages (At Producer, At BGA, At Carrier). 
At BGA  The total number of contracts at the agency stage. These are the contracts that are ready to be reviewed and processed right now. 
At Carrier  The total number of processed contracts sent to the carrier. These are the contract requests sent to the carrier that are still pending carrier review. 
At Producer The total number of contract requests at the producer stage. These requests are not ready to be reviewed and processed. Once producers review and sign these contract requests they will be moved to the At BGA stage. 
Discarded  The total number of contract requests that have been discarded. Requests are generally discarded when the carrier declines them or is a duplicate, or the producer selected the wrong request type. 
All  The total number of contract requests for all stages. 

5. States -
This column shows the states that the producer wants to get appointed to do business. 

6. Products - This column shows the products that the producer wishes to sell. 

7. Status - This column shows if there are any issues related to the pending contract request.  

8. Since - Shows the date of when the contract was last updated. 

9. Assigned to - Shows who the contract request is currently assigned to. Use the ASSIGN button to assign the request to an admin.  

10. Notes - Shows the most recent activity related to the contract request. Select to review more or add notes to the contract request for reference. 
11. Actions Menu - Select the options buttonwork_inbox_-_more_actions_button.png to perform any of the following actions as needed: 

Change Stage Select to change the current stage of the contract request to a different stage. For example, a contract at the producer stage can be changed to agency, carrier, withdrawn, or discarded. Contracts at the agency stage can be changed back to the producer stage when there is something missing from the contract request. 
Mark Completed After processing a contract request and sending it to the carrier, this option will be used to tell the system when the producer was appointed along with their assigned agent code.  Marking a contract request completed removes it from the pending list and updates the status of the request within the producer profile. Producers will also see the updated status within the SureLC for Producers web interface in the carrier contracts section.
Request Review  Select to send a new request review email to the producer. 
Download Files Select to download the filled-out forms that make up the contract request. This option is only available after a contract request is processed and sent to the carrier. 
Download Email  Select to download a copy of the email communication that was sent to the carrier. This also includes the merged.pdf file which contains all the completed filled-out forms bundled together. 
Open Select to open the contracting request. Once opened the request can be reviewed and processed to send it on to the carrier. 
Open Profile Select to open the producer profile in a new tab. 
Assign to   Select this option to assign the request to a particular SureLC agency admin. The assigned admin is responsible for completing the review and processing the contract request. Please note once assigned this request will no longer be visible to other agency admins with the exception of office managers. 


12. Column - Select the columns button to the right to customize the information to be shown on the screen. You can add or remove existing columns from the list view using this option.  





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