Quick Start Guide

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This article should help new SureLC agency admins get started with SureLC. Select an option below to learn about the related function or process.  

1. New Agency Admin Welcome Email  

2. How to Login as an Agency Admin 

3. How to Send Producers your Agency's Registration Link 

4. How to Add a Producer 

5. How to Use the Work Inbox





1.  New Agency Admin - Welcome Email  

You'll receive a welcome email after being added to SureLC as an admin (as shown below). Locate the email and select the CLICK HERE link to activate your account and create your password. Check your spam folder or contact your office manager if you haven't received a welcome email. 


Please note: After successfully creating a password and reviewing and accepting the SuranceBay SaaS & Terms of Use policies, you'll automatically be logged into SureLC for the first time. Once logged in, please bookmark the webpage and save your login credentials for future use.  



2. How to Login as an Agency Admin 

Step 1: Open your web browser and then go to SureLC.com. This is the universal login page for ALL agency and affiliate agency admins. Please bookmark this web link for future access. 

Step 2: Select the Secure Sign-In button. 



Step 3: Enter your login User ID Email and Password, then select Login to access your SureLC admin account. 



Step 4: Once logged in, you'll start on the Producers page (as shown below). This is where producer profiles are managed. Use the menu on the left to navigate through the system. 


For more information about the producers page click here. 



3. How to Invite Producers to Self-Register with Your Agency 

Step 1: Obtain a copy of your agency's dedicated weblink by selecting Agency Settings (gear icon) on the navigation menu.  Next, select the Custom Link tab. Copy the link from the bottom of the page.  



Step 2: Send the custom link to your producers, along with these helpful support videos & articles: 

For suggestions about what to include with your invitation email, please review the example below: 

New Producer Registration Instructions Example

4. How to Add a Producer 

Step 1: Select the Producers page in the navigatin menu. From there, select the +Add Producer button.  


Step 2: Enter the producer's SSN, last name, and date of birth. A confirmation message will appear once the information is located in the National Insurance Producer Registry database. Please note that only licensed producers can be added. 


Step 3: Enter the producer's email address twice. A cell number can be entered but is optional and is used for password recovery only. If required, select an affiliation and enter the name of the producer's upline. You can uncheck "Send producer the password activation email" if you're not ready to work with the producer or if you don't want them to have access to the SureLC web interface. However, if your agents manage their SureLC profiles, you'll want to leave the check box selected. Finally, select Create Account to finish. 


For information about how producers can self-register with your agency, Click Here. 



5. How to Use the Work Inbox

How to Create a Contract Request 

Step 1: Select WorkInbox in the navigation menu, then select +Create Request.  


Step 2: Use the search field to locate the producer, then select the Create button. 


Step 3:  Select the Carrier and the Request Type, then click Next


Step 4: Select the Products and States, then click Next


Step 5: Select the Request Review button at the bottom of the page. 


Step 6: Select the Request Producer Review button. This will create the carrier contract and email the producer with a secure link to the request. 


Contract Reviews & Processing 

When your agents submit new contract requests, your agency will be notified via email. These new contract requests will show up in the Work Inbox. To access the Work Inbox, select the monitor icon at the top left of the navigation menu. The Work Inbox will be used to manage, review, and process your carrier contract requests. In the following example, Kraig Williams submitted a new contract request for Banner Life. This contract is ready to be reviewed and processed. 


Select the producer's name in the contract row to start a contract review. This will open the contract request. Once opened, you'll be able to review everything that was selected by your agent. Review the information on each step and click next to move on to the next step. During the contract review, you'll be able to add hierarchy and commission information and signatures before processing the contract request to send it on to the carrier. For more information about how to use the Work Inbox, click here.


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