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Pending New Business Column on Appointment Requests

Is there a way to add another column in between Producer and Agency that would state Pending New Business? We are not processing contracting if the carrier requires new business to be in house before they process contracting. We would like to be able to distinguish which contracts we looked at to know it is pending new business vs a new contract request.

Debbie Skinner

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We are already on the way.  We sign up carriers, one by one, to our SureLA. Along with it comes uplift from SureLC to SureLC Carrier Edition that incorporates the carrier rules. In your scenario, once you select a state, the popup comes up asking if the producer has new business in that state.  You are asked to enter the SSN of the applicant as well. 
 And then, of course, we let you distinguish requests that have new business from the ones that do not.



Anatole T.
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