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Sending agent invite to alternate email

We deal with several large marketing offices.  Most of them prefer to have the admin staff enter the producer's info into SureLC.  It would be nice to be able to have the producer's email address as the login, but then send the invite to an alternate email address.  This would allow the admin staff to enter all the basic info, upload E&O,etc.   Then the agent would just have to sign. 

In this situation it would make sense for each agent to be able to login with their own email address, rather than having 25 agents registered under the admin staff email account.

Jessica Munroe

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We too think this woud be great.  We have a new feature coming out called "Sub Agency Access".  This is due out 1/15/2013.  

With Sub Agency Access - you can have an admin person add/manage just their producers.  The admin person would only be able to see just their producers, rather then having to login with each agent's information.  Also, the admin person for the Sub Agency will be able to submit appointment requests to your office on behalf of the agent.  The Sub Agency person will NOT be able to process contracts or hierarchy/compensation ... simply use SureLC to initiate the appointment request to your office on behalf of the producer.

Please contact us for more information on this.

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