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New agents using the website links

We are just getting into using the website links for new and existing users.  I would like to see that when new users add themselves for contracting, we be notified prior to being charged for the addition.  We often get agents who complete the contracting and never do business with us.  Currently, with paper forms, I have a drawer full of completed forms.  SureLC should put these agents in a holding pattern until we okay the addition, once new business comes in.


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Thank you for posting this feature request.  While I have marked this as "Not Planned", we do understand the predicament that agents can register themselves via SureLC (which results in agencies being charged) but never actually do any contracting or new business with your agency.

Many agencies have implemented a web form on their own that requires the producer to enter some information about themselves, which could result in an email submission to you that requires your approval prior to enabling SureLC for them.  In other words, the producer would have to 'register' and you would have to 'approve' before you make SureLC available to the producer.  

We recommend contacting your IT department or whomever manages your website as restricting access to SureLC could be managed by them based on your requirements.

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