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Agent Verification of EFT on additional (& later) contracts

Issue:  Agents who change their EFT.  If EFT is already on file, the system doesn’t prompt them for EFT info. This has created issues because the agent forgets to update and newer contracts are submited with old, outdated EFT info then commissions are sent to the wrong account (bad!). This has happend many times to us (we deal with 15,000 contracted agents).

Suggested change: 

If the agent has EFT already on file and adding a new contract, then display current EFT information with buttons for “I accept” or “Update EFT” so the agent clearly sees and acknowledges what EFT information will be sent with the new contract being requested.


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As of 4/1/2015, all carriers requires "review" by the producer's prior to confirming their signature. It's been decided that since the producer has not only the opportunity but the requirement to review all forms, including their Voided check / EFT information, that this hopefully satisfies this requirement. For that reason, we've marked this ticket as "Done".

Any questions - contact the SuranceBay Support team at support [at] surancebay [dot] com.

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