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We have some agents who don't have E & O insurance because the carriers they use do not require that. Could you create a button that we could check if the agent does not have an E & O so that it doesn't show error. Also can you create an option that when we update an agents E & O we can send it out to the carriers ( like the eft change).


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There are two requests in this post as I understand it:

A) Allow the E&O "requirement" to be optional

There is currently a way to make this an optional "requirement" for all your producers.  You can go into Agency setup > General Information and click the Validation Rules button.  Inside that section are checkboxes for E&O Data and E&O Certificate.  UNchecking a box means that item is NOT required for a producer to request an appointment, which means there will be no validation error displayed related to that item.

That being said, we understand that the E&O coverage requirement is often determined by each carrier separately.  Our intent is to make this option configurable not just across the board for all producers within your agency, but also on a carrier-by-carrier basis.  We are in the early stages of determining how to enable this feature and welcome any input from our users as to the best way to implement it.

B) Add a new Appointment Request type for "E&O" that will allow agencies to send updated E&O info to the carriers, similar to the "Payment" type which allows updated EFT info to be sent to carriers currently.

We are considering this functionality but do not have current plans for when it will be added.

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