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Work Inbox Adding an Additional Field for Broker Dealer Use

Since we have multiple employees processing appointments for agents by region, we would like to be able to view which employee is assigned to each agent/appointment request. Under the email address and phone number that populates from the NIPR page. Can we have a misc filed created in the NIPR page where we could type the employee's name so that it pulls from the NIPR into the Work Inbox? Then when we review the Work Inbox we can clearly see who is working on which agent. Thank you!

Kim Swick

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Thanks for your posting Kim.

Do you have employees assigned to each agent? Or, is it possible that on a per-appointment request, you may have multiple employees working with one agent?

One enhancement coming soon is that within the Work Inbox, sorting based on Affiliation will be available (currently producer & carrier sorting is all that's listed).

Would having Affiliation sorting within the Work Inbox address this request?

Let us know more details as I'm sure many of our other clients are interested in similar functionality.

Anatole T. 0 votes
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